Showing My Age – RunLog 3-12-18

While on Bennie’s long walk this morning Mary and I were talking about the storm that was coming. Which got me to thinking even more about the amount of snow on the garage roof. Originally, I had planned on running to Augusta, since with the storm coming it probably ain’t gonna happen this week otherwise.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I knew that I had to get the snow off the roof before, not after this storm.

No long run today.

Yeah, the next N’Oreastah that is going to whack us with 12-18 more inches of the wonderful white shite, with blizzard conditions tomorrow. After the last storm the garage roof had two feet or more snow in places and I could either wait until the coming storm is over or get it done today and hope there are no more storms to work on the roof again.


Now this was not that light fluffy stuff that is easy to move, it was that heavy stuff with a crust on top. Nasty crap to move. It took me two hours of pretty much constant effort to clear the shite off the roof.

Which to be honest about tuckered me out.

Taking a break after getting the roof done.

Enough that I didn’t even try to do a run after I got done. I know that I felt this workout in every part of my body. Even though I used the snow scoop, using the upper body for that long, while performing a balancing act on a snow covered, sloped roof to avoid dealing with gravity’s wonderful grip and that sudden stop on top of crust that has been thrown down was fun and exhausting.

I had thought about doing a run this morning after I got done, but after all that physical activity on the roof work, my body told me – ain’t no way. I sweat a bucket and felt as if I had already run a marathon – running just was not going to happen.

When I took my afternoon nap, it was one of those where you just go completely unconscious, I never heard anything and according to Mary never moved for almost an hour. I don’t remember going this deep into sleep cycles during the day for a long time.

I was pretty sure that after waking up from that nap, that I wasn’t going to go running at all today.

However, after taking Bennie for his last walk, I was feeling almost normal and decided to give it a go.

Well, I probably shouldn’t have and I gave up at 2.0 miles. It wasn’t that I couldn’t run or that the body felt like crap, it was more that the mind was still exhausted and I just didn’t have the focus to keep going. So instead of pushing the issue, I just shut it down and went inside.

I had a great workout this morning that won’t show up on my mileage or log, but definitely wore my arse out. There was a time when I could shovel off a roof and still feel  good enough to run 4-5 miles without a problem. Unfortunately, that day was a few years ago and I no longer have that kind of stamina.

Yeah, being 60 does have its down-side.

Tomorrow I have a feeling with be a no run day, so I have a feeling that it is probably a good thing that I planned on a cut-back week this week. Getting 30 miles in probably ain’t gonna happen 🙂

Today I showed my age.