Another N’Oreastah – RunLog 3-13-18

Looking outside the window, there is probably about 5 inches of snow on the ground already and a lot more expected


Yep, late winter in Maine, even though we think of March as being the beginning of Spring, it is still officially winter for another week. Not that that piece of information makes this N’Oreastah any easier to take. It is a pain in the arse and I am not looking forward to the clean-up that it is going bring.

I am glad that I managed to get my run in earlier this morning – although I did my miles on the treadmill versus outside even though the snow hadn’t started when I headed to the gym. After walking Bennie, I decided that I wanted to be more comfortable on my run today and temps in the mid 20’s with 20 mph winds makes the cold feel like it was in the low teens – maybe.

Tuesdays are supposed to be my long run day, but with the approaching storm, I knew that I also wanted to get home before things got too horrible, so I kept an eye on the windows too.

No records were set today, I simply wanted to get in at least 5.0 miles and see what the storm was doing at that point.

Of course, at 2.0 miles, I had to stop for my usual treadmill pit stop. During that pit stop I noticed that it was snowing pretty good, so I just wanted to get going. So I increased the speed a little for a couple of miles and then had a pretty good last mile, with a decent kick at the end.

Nothing spectacular about the treadmill run and I made it home without any issues. 4WD and taking it easy, not trying to hurry and staying inside MY comfort zone while driving, usually does the trick, when it is sloppy outside. It does usually mean that I have a train of traffic behind me, but I am keeping them safe from themselves 😉 .


So it begins.

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