6.0 More on The Treadmill – RunLog 3-15-18

The mind was willing, the body…well just say it did what it had to and let me know in no uncertain terms that it was still pretty damn tired. All I can say is that I am glad that this is a cut-back week and I am not all that concerned with “how many” miles this week.

Although I have a feeling that I will keep whining bitching about the snow and cold for a while longer.

However, during Bennie’s first walk this morning, it had snowed about an inch over night and with the temps in the mid 20’s, it was a pretty hard freeze

Which resulted in ice under snow and white ice where vehicles had been driving.

No running outside this morning. Even on Bennies long walk at 9:00 AM it was still pretty slick and there was no way either one of were going to run on that stuff. Better safe than sorry.

I trundled off to the gym and treadmill. Although I did stop for a haircut, I was starting to look a bit disheveled with curls going every which way. Nothing serious since I am retired, but I still have standards and 20+ years in the military, I get antsy when my hair reaches a certain length. Plus Mary starts to pick on me too. 🙂

I set the treadmill to 7.2 mph and ran to 3.0 miles, stopped for a locker room dash and then got back on for another 3.0 miles. 6.0 miles in 50:00 minutes was quite enough. The run was more about getting it done than anything else and I accomplished that. Continue reading “6.0 More on The Treadmill – RunLog 3-15-18”

PI N’Oreastah 3-14-18

Finally, I have enough of a brain back to talk about the Pi N’Oreastah or should I say moved beyond being just a tad tired exhausted from snowblowing, snow blower breaking down, scooping snow and some shoveling, then driving pretty tough road conditions to deliver said snowblower to the repair shop.

We ended up with over 22 inches of snow, 18″ through the morning and then another 4″ plus of flurry activity.

I think that this photo pretty much sums up everything. I am looking out of the window of my Ford Ranger pickup truck looking towards the bedroom window. Usually I can look in and see Bennie or Elliott on the bed looking out as I drive off – Not Yesterday and not today and not for a while it seems.

This weekend I will have to shovel the garage roof again and then on Tuesday/Wednesday they are projecting/forecasting another 6-12 (at least) inches of the white shite. Hopefully, I get the snow blower back from the repair shop before it gets here, but I am not holding my breath. Just more upper body work to get me ready for the spring running season hehehe. Continue reading “PI N’Oreastah 3-14-18”