6.0 More on The Treadmill – RunLog 3-15-18

The mind was willing, the body…well just say it did what it had to and let me know in no uncertain terms that it was still pretty damn tired. All I can say is that I am glad that this is a cut-back week and I am not all that concerned with “how many” miles this week.

Although I have a feeling that I will keep whining bitching about the snow and cold for a while longer.

However, during Bennie’s first walk this morning, it had snowed about an inch over night and with the temps in the mid 20’s, it was a pretty hard freeze

Which resulted in ice under snow and white ice where vehicles had been driving.

No running outside this morning. Even on Bennies long walk at 9:00 AM it was still pretty slick and there was no way either one of were going to run on that stuff. Better safe than sorry.

I trundled off to the gym and treadmill. Although I did stop for a haircut, I was starting to look a bit disheveled with curls going every which way. Nothing serious since I am retired, but I still have standards and 20+ years in the military, I get antsy when my hair reaches a certain length. Plus Mary starts to pick on me too. 🙂

I set the treadmill to 7.2 mph and ran to 3.0 miles, stopped for a locker room dash and then got back on for another 3.0 miles. 6.0 miles in 50:00 minutes was quite enough. The run was more about getting it done than anything else and I accomplished that.

Although it looks like the 5K in Rockland that I had thought about doing on Saturday is now out. The body has taken too much of a beating this week and with the expected temps not expected to get out of the 20’s, I just don’t want to set myself up for fast-tracking to an injury. So I will skip the race and who knows maybe the roads will be clear enough to do a few miles in Waterville on Sunday.

I am not really looking forward to clearing snow off the garage roof, but with 2-3 feet of snow up there with the drifting that happened on the lee side and another storm coming next week, there is not a lot of choice in the matter. Although I will get my run in before the shoveling commences. As I learned on Monday, once the shoveling is over, my body has a hard enough time getting to the couch to take a nap.

Lots to look forward to over the course of the next week.

Spring and mud season will get here, but it is gonna take a while for all the snow to disappear.

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