More Treadmill and Compacting the Arm Swing – RunLog 3-19-18

Well it was warmer than yesterday morning, it was all of 3*F during Bennie’s first walk and climbed up to 11*F with a nasty bit of wind chill bringing it back down pretty good. We all agreed it was good to be back at the house and that being outside just wasn’t all that much fun. It was another one of those days it hurt the face to be outside.

In other words – back to the treadmill for today’s run.

Getting damned wimpy old man…here it is March 19th and you are still inside running?

Yep, I ran in shorts/t-shirt and worked up a good sweat, instead of freezing my arse off and did 2.0 more miles on the treadmill than I would have done outside.

Which is really too bad because the roads are clear, the shoulders are not in terrible shape, but and it is a big but, the temps are just too miserable for me and running outside during the mornings.

I got on the treadmill, focused on one thing – shortening up my arm swing and getting away from that old sprinters arm swing. When I kept things compact, I could tell the difference in my balance and stride rate. I got the idea after watching Kipchoge run during the Breaking 2 documentary. I am not saying I will ever run like him or anything like that, but from my untrained eye, being more compact in my gait cycle should be a bit more efficient.

Yesterday, I ran some faster paces doing that and today, I ran a nice and steady 7.0 mph for the entire 6.0 miles. I still find it amusing how much the graphs deviate during the run, even though I don’t change anything.

I have a feeling that I am going to get the footpod back out, just to get a little more accuracy, as it stands now when I complete a mile on the treadmill, my Garmin only reads .90, so by the time I run 5-6 miles it is way off. With that kind of inaccuracy, I wonder if the cadence is off a bit also, the 168 seemed a bit lower than I was feeling? Not that it is that big of a deal in the overall picture of my running, but I just like the data I use to be as accurate as possible and it is frustrating when you get bad data or at least data that is off by that much.

Either way today’s treadmill run was a good run where I got to work on something that I believe will help my running be more efficient, which I know that I need to do going forward.

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