Spring Has Sprung – RunLog 3-20-18

Spring is heah and today was a bit of a tease, since we are supposed to get another 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow night. However, I will take it.

When I stated running, the temps were at the bottom of my personal long run safety zone, with temps in the low 20’s and wind chills bringing it down into the lower teens *F. However, it was supposed to warm up as the day progressed pretty quickly so I figured that it was gonna be just fine – and it was. Later in the day it was sunny and got up to the mid-40’s – a sign of things to come.

Unfortunately, the bad part of spring has also started – allergies. Even with the cold, as soon as the warm weather popped, something else popped and my eyes are watering, sneezing, runny nose and all those other classic signs of Harold enduring spring allergies has started.

I was planning on running down to the Augusta Rail Trail Head – about 11.0 miles (increasing thing slowly), but during the run a few things happened and while I didn’t get to 11.0, I did get over 10.0 miles in.

The first 3.0 miles were pretty routine and I was focusing on getting the arm swing more compact. It will take time to make it automatic, but I think it will be worth it once I get there. Continue reading “Spring Has Sprung – RunLog 3-20-18”