Back to Treadmilling and a Little Get Together – RunLog 3-21-18

Yesterday was one of those days where it felt a lot colder than the temps were saying or else I am tired of the cold and just don’t feel like dealing with it all that much now. Either way after Bennie’s long walk both Mary and I both decided to do indoor workouts.

I had a few errands to do, which meant that in order for me to get back before 12:15, so I could eat lunch with Mary, that I would have to hustle.

So once the errands were finished, I headed for the gym to do a nice recovery/easy run on the treadmill. Nothing fancy or earth shattering happened during the run. It was one of those get on the ‘mill, run 3.0 miles at 7.0 mph, get off and go home kind of runs.

Which is all that I wanted to really do.

The 10+ Miles on Tuesday had taken a bit out of me, so it was nice to have a relaxing run and yes, later in the afternoon, I did an easy 7.0 mile on the elliptical. I would like to keep most days at a combined 10 miles and see how that does for me for a while.

Then last night I left the house, yeah I know a new and exciting thing, because I hardly ever go anywhere in the evenings. However, the Central Maine Striders (my running club) was having their annual banquet over at Mainely Brews in Waterville.

It good to see many of the familiar faces in the crowd and even more exciting to see some new faces. We did a lot talking, catching up on how things were going, good stories were shared and more great memories were made.

Congratulations to Gene and Geoff for being recognized for all that you have done for the Central Maine Striders over the years. You both are inspirations to what being a club member should be.

However, as usual I was one of the first to leave, while I love catching up on things, being around that many people in a social setting just wears me out and I have to move on sooner than others tend to. It seems to take a lot more mental energy for me to function in those settings, because when I got home I was a lot more tired than I usually am in the evenings.

Even so, I wouldn’t miss those get togethers for the world and the opportunity to listen to the stories that were told.

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