One of Those Days – RunLog 3-22-18

Yeah, it was one of “those” days, but thank goodness that N’oreastah stayed south and all we got was a LOT of wind along with a couple small flurries. A very good thing with the snow blower still at the shop. Some places did get really whacked with 19″ of snow in places. Better them than us this time.

I will talk about the run and then the rest of “that” kind of day.

Due to the winds, I decided on yet another treadmill day. I planned on 4-5 miles at about 8:30 pace, a moderate level run.

I set the treadmill to 7.1 mph and kept it there for a bit. Everything felt pretty good for the first mile, so kept increasing the pace until 2.7 when I had to scurry to the locker room. I was feeling pretty good after that time-out and decided to pick-up the progression and go to 5.0 miles. I picked it up and then had an outstanding last quarter mile.

One thing I am noticing is that when I run in the Skechers GoRun Ride 7’s, I run better, more comfortably and don’t feel as beat up after I get done. I am not sure why, but they just seem to fit how I run better than other shoes I am using. I do know they are a lot quieter than the Newton’s and the Newton’s are pretty damn quiet.

I just feel more efficient in the Skechers.

Oh well – it was a pretty good run and even with the pit stop, I managed a pretty good pace overall.

Getting back to life.

Mary had a routine doctor’s appointment first thing and another patient let the front desk know that whoever had the red van had a flat tire. So I got the call to go trouble shoot and fix the problem.

Problem – flat tire, Solution – put on spare and go get new tire.

Now I haven’t changed the tire on the Transit before and as usual it had its own way of doing some things. I am fairly mechanical when I want to be (better than I let on), but I had to refer to the Owner’s Manual a couple of times to figure out how to hell they did that. πŸ™‚

Got it done, but it did wear me out, more than it should have. It was that plasticity of doing something different, where I had to really focus on what I was doing to get it done.

The next part getting the tire replaced with the same thing was not that easy, no one in Waterville had a replacement in stock, so I went to Ray Haskell Ford (where we bought Clifford). They didn’t have one in stock, but could have it in the afternoon – it was the best I was going to do and since Mary had some other appointments tomorrow, I wanted the new tire on before she had to drive around in it. Made the appointment for 3:30

A pretty big change of plans from what I had expected to do during the morning to say the least.

After getting home and going over Mary’s doctor visit results and what needed to be done on Clifford, I headed for the gym and did that treadmill workout. Unfortunately, I didn’t do my pre or post-run work, because I also had a few errands to run before heading home. Once I got those done, ate lunch and took a nap – it was definitely needed, I had to head back to Waterville to get the tire replaced.

Yes, the dealership was probably a bit more expensive, but in this situation I wanted it done today, it was worth the extra cost. They had it, and put everything back together for me, so it ended up being less for for me in the long run.

Also I am thinking about changing my Planet Fitness location to Waterville. I am in Waterville a lot more than I am in Augusta, plus the running courses where it is located are a LOT better than in Augusta. Definitely more variety and options are available, plus Shaw’s supermarket is right beside it, so I don’t have to drive too far out of my way to pickup stuff. The only thing I am not as crazy about is the locker room, but I don’t spend too much time in there anyway.

This is the part of being retired that is better than working. If something happens, it does not become an oh shit kind of the moment and instead of finagling to get something taken care of, I get to just take care of it. A LOT less stressful for both of us. Something as simple as a flat tire can take on a level of miserability that ruins an entire day, whereas today, it was simply a cold, knuckle-busting inconvenience. πŸ™‚

A long and busy day, but we got through it and move on to tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Which will be another good day.

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