5 x 1K Repeats = Interesting Results – RunLog 3-24-18

I went back on the treadmill again today, because I wanted to do a specific workout at a specific pace and was worried that I wouldn’t get it done outside. Even though the temps were in the 30’s, the sun was shining, but there was a bit of breeze that brought feels like temp down into the 20’s.

On a speed workout, I don’t like, enjoy and all those other nasty things we say about running outside when Mother Nature is chuckling under her breath at our feeble attempts to get in some semblance of race shape.

I am focusing on getting ready to run 5K’s over the next few months and while I may never be all that fast, I want to be fast for me and the best way that I learned over the years is that I have to do longer repeats to do what I want to do.

So this morning I decided to do 5 x 1 KM repeats as a part of my training routine and I had a very specific speed that I wanted to do them at. Talking about the speed isn’t all that important, but what is important was how I felt at that speed.


I was shocked at how well I did at that speed.

During the first 3.0 miles I had some equipment problems with my waist belt loosening up and ear buds coming out of my ears, that distracted the hell out of me, but it didn’t stop me from maintaining my stride or focus on getting the repeats done.

At 3.0 miles I did stop long enough to tie knots in the belt (it did not loosen up again) and figured out that I had the ear buds in the wrong ears (dumbshit), after I put them in the correct ear, they didn’t pop out.

After getting my gear secured to where it was not a distraction, I did two more 1 KM repeats at speed and while I was getting a little tired towards the end, I felt as though I could do more. However, I did not really want to do more than 5x1K at this point in my training.

So I decided to finish up with 5 strides at a bit faster than the repeats had been. I did 3 x .1 with rest. I felt good enough to do the last .3 at the faster speed and felt pretty strong right through to the end. The other part was that I kept my cool, even when I had a couple distractions. Things that in the past probably would have thrown me way off my game, didn’t today.

Some of the slower spots during the fast repeats were when I purposely lengthened out my stride to see if I could and how I felt when I did it. Getting more air while on the treadmill, just feels a bit hairy when I extend out the stride a bit, so I didn’t try to maintain the longer stride for too long.

Overall, it was a damn good workout – although I do know that I am a treadmill hero, who sometimes wilts when I get on the track or during a race, so while this gives me a lot of confidence going forward. I also know that I know have to deliver the same kind of performance during a race. If I do, I will be ecstatic.

In other news I switched my Planet Fitness gym to Waterville. We will see how that goes, but I know that for running I prefer the area by Waterville’s location than the one in Augusta and the gym itself has most of the same gear, it will just be different. I think the change will be a positive one for me.

Maybe I will find things out tomorrow.

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