Rest Days Are Hard – RunLog 3-24-18

Taking a day off from working out can be hard.

What in the hell are you talking about this time Harold?

Elliott looking out the door, but it could have been me looking out wanting to get outside to exercise

Elliott looking out the door window.

Well I am attempting to add in rest days to my training, you know that pre-planned day off stuff and Fridays seems to be the keeps popping up as the one that works best with the running routine. Now that the winter storm season is hopefully past and my running schedule becomes more predictable.

Why is taking that planned day off so hard, after all you workout consistently and don’t pull the punches on your workouts? Taking a regular day off should be something you look forward to.

I think the body likes the idea of scheduled day off and the mind understands the theory behind taking rest days. However, the brain also thinks I am being lazy, all my fitness is going to shrivel up and blow away if I take a day off, plus all those other nonsensical things that I imagine will happen if I gasp take that day off.

Especially when there is no real reason to take the day off – you know blizzard conditions, hours of snow blowing, roof raking, ice on the roads, frigid temperatures, roaring winds, super hot or humid, yard work, tree cutting, chopping wood, sideways rain and all the other things Mother Nature puts in a runner’s way to get out the door.

Also I am not injured (knock on wood), feel really good, sleeping well, so I am not tired and the body is doing better than it has in a while.

In other words I really wanted to go for a run.

Plus yesterday the sun was out, the temps in the 30’s*F, winds reasonable and Mary did her run (peer pressure), so I really did want to run, do the elliptical, go ahead to the gym for a weight workout or even a body weight workout at home.

Do something more than just walk.

All I did was a total of 4.0 miles of walking with Bennie, which counts for something, especially when walking down back was an adventure at times.

Instead I had to keep playing games with myself to NOT run or get on the elliptical later.

I know it is a good problem to have and there are going to be time this year when I look back at this post and wish that I had gone for a run.

However, I was good for a change and rested because I could, not because I had to.

A very good thing.

Still I wonder what my time would have been if I had gone down to Pepin or into town and run around in there?

Stop it Harold, you can do those things today, yesterday you did rest and today you will reap the rewards of actually resting.

Besides that book you read wasn’t that bad.

3 thoughts on “Rest Days Are Hard – RunLog 3-24-18

  1. Awhile back someone told me something that made a lot of sense…better to go into a race slightly undertrained than slightly overtrained. I tell myself that when I start getting worried about not doing enough. 😁

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