Trail Running Shoes – How I Really Use Them

There are a lot of sub classes of running shoes, daily trainers, racing flats, light-weight daily trainers, motion control, minimal, maximal, cross country spikes, etc.

Then there are trail running shoes.

Over the years I have owned many different brands, models and makes of trail running shoes, but there is one big thing about that…

I really don’t run that many trails.

Once in a while I might get over to Bond Brook, some the local hiking trails in Waterville, Oakland or out in Belgrade, but I don’t really get on trails that are technical or run far enough on them to actually warrant going out and buying a pair of trail running shoes. Most of the time at least one pair of my current road shoe rotation are more than enough to tackle the trails I run on.

Why then do I think that I need a pair of trail running shoes? Continue reading “Trail Running Shoes – How I Really Use Them”