People Watching – RunLog 3-26-18

You know that sometimes you just do not feel like running on the same routes that you have all winter and at the same time I knew from Bennie’s long walk, that there is just enough of a breeze and the temps are still in the low 30’s that you just do not feel like running outside.

Elliott before I headed to the gym, pretty much how I was feeling.

So I went to Waterville with sort of an idea that I was going to do 5 or so outside. I took all the gear that I needed to do it and I even changed into my outside running gear in the locker room. However, I couldn’t find my hat. It was still cold and windy enough that I wanted something over my ears, and damnit I didn’t have anything with me. Now I could have probably found something in the truck to tide me over, but by that time, I just said to myself.

“Just run on the treadmill”

I will have plenty of opportunity to run outside over the next few months, so another run on the ‘mill is not a big deal. It also gave me an opportunity to people watch. You know take a look at who are the members of the new gym.

People watching.

I saw Tom on the treadmill (another member of Central Maine Striders), there were a LOT of older people (men and women) working out, which I think is great, but they all look “old”, but for the most part they are my age or a little older – what does that say about me.

Yeah, I am old too, but just don’t feel like I am as old as all those other guys and gals my age that I was watching working out.

There were some younger gals and guys that kept coming in and out of the gym. Unfortunately, for the most part they didn’t seem to be as interested in working out as many of the older ones I was watching and all too many of them were constantly hunched over their phones as much as doing their exercising.

However, I would say that the bulk of the people I saw there from 10-12 A.M. were my age group. I would imagine that before and after the demographics are a bit different.

Getting back to my workout.

Yes, I did run on the treadmill.

I ran 3.0 miles at 7.0mph and then did a good 2.0 miles with progression up to 8.6 mph. The last .4 were tough, but I hung on and made it to the end. I know that it was supposed to be an easy run, but I was feeling very good and decided to see how the legs felt. No issues, so I kept going to 5.0 miles.

Overall, the not the workout that I had planned on, but it was a good workout none-the-less. Plus I got to see what the demographics were for the time frame that I will be coming to the gym – quite a few people in my age group.

Recapping a Pretty Good Week – Week in Review 3-25-18

It was a busy week, a nice long run, changing gym location, going to the annual Central Maine Striders dinner, starting to weed through old clothes and running shoes, and yes, still complaining about winter weather (what else is new).

My favorite photo from the week:

Geoff, Brendan and Gene at the CMS Annual Banquet. I think a good time was had by all and I know that I enjoyed the evening a lot. Again a big congratulations and thank you to Geoff and Gene for all their hard work over the years for the Striders.

Gym Change

Yes, I finally went ahead and changes my Planet Fitness gym from Augusta to Waterville. I seem to be in Waterville a lot more than I am in Augusta, so it makes good sense to me. There are some things that are better about the setup in Augusta than Waterville and I will miss them a little (some of the people, locker rooms and stretching area), but the treadmill availability seems a lot better (there are more of them) and the overall workout area setup seems a little better in Waterville.

The biggest difference is going to be when I am running outside. I will be able to run just about any distance, find hills, flats, trails and once I get off JFK, the traffic isn’t brutal. Waterville is just a much better place to run than it is where the Augusta Planet Fitness is located.

The red dot marks about where Planet Fitness is and as you can see the different running routes are pretty much endless.

It does take me out of my comfort zone a little bit, but sometimes changing something up like this makes things better in the long term – at least that is what I am hoping. We will see if it is a good change or not, but I have a pretty good idea that it is.


Even though the weather is “starting” to get better – it is still pretty cold and windy on many of the mornings, which means I am still spending an awful lot of time on the treadmill. Either I am getting really wimpy or I am just damned tired of the cold, snow and nastiness that goes along with winter at this point.

When I look at it – it is a probably a combination of the two, but I think I am more tired of winter than anything else.

Although I am still getting a lot of treadmill time, the runs seem to be pretty high quality when they are supposed to be and I am even adding a bit of rest/easier running into the weekly routine, which is something that I do need to stay on top of. I have been known to run myself into the ground when I am feeling good, so a bit of rest and restraint on my part is a very good thing.

Monday – Treadmill easy – no big deal run, just get ready for Tuesday’s long run

Tuesday – At the start it was pretty cold and windy – right at the bottom of my personal safety zone, but with the wind mostly at my back and the forecast for temps to rise rapidly I did the run. No real issues until I had to make a pit stop at Planet Fitness in Augusta, but it put me behind meeting my ride home, so I had to shorten my route a little. A pretty good run in spite of the having to stop issue.

Wednesday – Nice and easy recovery run on the treadmill. An 8:30 pace may not seem like a good pace for a recovery run, but on the treadmill, I can run a little quicker without it kicking my butt too badly

Thursday – I was feeling pretty good, so I did a progression run, nothing overly hard, but by the end I was sweating pretty good. It was a nice workout that raised the heart rate a bit.

Friday – Rest Day. See I can do them. 🙂

Saturday – A very nice speed work session where I did 5 x 1KM repeats at a pretty decent speed, with rest repeats at 7.0 mph. No issues running, more like equipment issues that I got resolved at the 3.0 mile mark – that were distracting me when I was running. I felt like I could do more, but didn’t want to do the 1K repeats, so I did some .1 strides with .1 rest with a nice hard kick the last .3. One of the better speed work outs I have had in a while.

Sunday – First day at the Waterville Planet Fitness and I did a nice easy run at 7.0 mph for 4.75 and then a nice kick for the last quarter-mile.

Running Shoes

This week was pretty much Skechers GoRun Ride 7 and Newton Gravity 3. Both are doing really well for me, but the GRR7 is definitely a more comfortable running shoe and I tend to choose it over the G3’s when I take the time to make a choice. However, I can see more outsole wear on the GRR7’s than I would normally expect and have a suspicion that when they get towards the 300 mile mark there will not be a lot of tread left on the outsole – we will see, but if they make it that far I will be very happy.


None to speak of, but my right hip has been doing a little whispering to me over the past week. Nothing serious and it seems to disappear when I am running. Strange kind of thing to say the least, but it was my big issues last fall, so I am pretty concerned about why it is starting to bother after behaving for so long. Then it occurred to me this morning that my “new” walking shoes were the running shoes I had been using when my hip was bothering me. Yeah a couple of weeks ago, I started wearing my U/A Bandit 3’s as my primary walking/daily wear around town shoes and not too long after that my right hip starts to bother again.

Now, I don’t really believe in coincidences all that much and as a result of my way of thinking, have retired the Bandit 3’s to the back of the garage to go away. There must be something in the geometry or way my body interacts with those shoes that bothers my right hip. However, I don’t want to take any chances with that getting to where it was last fall. I am finally running decently and the last thing I want or need is issues with my hip.

The reality is that

I needed the rest week the week before and getting more of a weekly not so much a schedule, but a weekly running routine where I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do based on how I feel that day is a good thing. Now that the winter storms are slowing down, the disruptions to that routine should become less of an issue, although life will still get in the way – of that I am sure.

I am really liking doing my long run on Tuesday/Wednesday of most weeks, it works out well and my speed work for the week can be done on the weekend either in a race, treadmill or hopefully the track pretty soon. I don’t feel like I have to rearrange my running routine as much to add in a race at the last minute if I want to, since the long run is not on the weekend now.

Last week was a pretty good week and I hope that putting away the Bandit 3’s takes care of the right hip’s little whisper to me about how it is feeling.