People Watching – RunLog 3-26-18

You know that sometimes you just do not feel like running on the same routes that you have all winter and at the same time I knew from Bennie’s long walk, that there is just enough of a breeze and the temps are still in the low 30’s that you just do not feel like running outside.

Elliott before I headed to the gym, pretty much how I was feeling.

So I went to Waterville with sort of an idea that I was going to do 5 or so outside. I took all the gear that I needed to do it and I even changed into my outside running gear in the locker room. However, I couldn’t find my hat. It was still cold and windy enough that I wanted something over my ears, and damnit I didn’t have anything with me. Now I could have probably found something in the truck to tide me over, but by that time, I just said to myself.

“Just run on the treadmill”

I will have plenty of opportunity to run outside over the next few months, so another run on the ‘mill is not a big deal. It also gave me an opportunity to people watch. You know take a look at who are the members of the new gym.

People watching.

I saw Tom on the treadmill (another member of Central Maine Striders), there were a LOT of older people (men and women) working out, which I think is great, but they all look “old”, but for the most part they are my age or a little older – what does that say about me.

Yeah, I am old too, but just don’t feel like I am as old as all those other guys and gals my age that I was watching working out.

There were some younger gals and guys that kept coming in and out of the gym. Unfortunately, for the most part they didn’t seem to be as interested in working out as many of the older ones I was watching and all too many of them were constantly hunched over their phones as much as doing their exercising.

However, I would say that the bulk of the people I saw there from 10-12 A.M. were my age group. I would imagine that before and after the demographics are a bit different.

Getting back to my workout.

Yes, I did run on the treadmill.

I ran 3.0 miles at 7.0mph and then did a good 2.0 miles with progression up to 8.6 mph. The last .4 were tough, but I hung on and made it to the end. I know that it was supposed to be an easy run, but I was feeling very good and decided to see how the legs felt. No issues, so I kept going to 5.0 miles.

Overall, the not the workout that I had planned on, but it was a good workout none-the-less. Plus I got to see what the demographics were for the time frame that I will be coming to the gym – quite a few people in my age group.

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