Learning About My Gravity 3’s – RunLog 3-27-18

I finally managed to get a run in outside that wasn’t a long run! 🙂

The temps were pretty decent when I started and warmed-up as I ran – a very good thing and when you add in all that wonderful sunshine, well it was a great day to run. Though I wasn’t complaining about having gloves and a headband for my ears, with a running jacket over my usual 2 tech underlayers on the way back against that light breeze. It is still a cold breeze blowing off what remains of the snow pack.

Today’s run was not my planned long run, I get to do that tomorrow, instead I did an easy run down to Pepin Way and back (my test course). For an easy run the pace sure looked pretty quick on three of the four splits and even coming back up Philbrick Hill, I was really close to a 9:00 minute pace for mile 2-3 (I usually am over 10:00). The other 3 mile splits were all within one second of each other – so the “easy” effort was a very consistent resulted in pretty decent splits.

I think part of the “speed” factor can be attributed to wearing the Gravity 3’s outside for the second time. I run well in them, but I experience the same thing outside that I do inside on the treadmill, after about 2 miles, my forefoot stops being completely comfortable. There is no pain or even real discomfort – it is more an awareness that something is not quite “right” with my the forefoot on either foot.

Which is very distracting when I am attempting to focus on running. It is almost like I am waiting for whatever “it” is to get worse and more focused on how my feet are behaving or feeling than running. However, it doesn’t get much worse, but is sort of always there once it starts it is “there”.

In other words it is distracting as hell and tires me more mentally than I would be otherwise. All I know is that when I got done running in the Gravity 3’s today, I was more than ready to take them off after my 4.0 mile run – not the way you want to feel about your running shoes.

Since I have only run in the Gravity 3’s one other time and the rest of my 200 miles on them were all treadmill miles, I really hoped that feeling would not raise its ugly head on the outside runs – unfortunately it did.

While I do love the way that I run in the Gravity 3’s, unfortunately, they still have that distraction factor outside and I think it has something to do with the POP1 reaction plate in the forefoot of the Gravity (I have noticed this same thing in other Gravity models I have run in). So I can either ignore the feeling and accept it as a part of running in the Newton POP1 shoes or move back to the POP2 models if I want to keep running in Newtons – which I do like a lot.

The reality is that

It was a really good run, but one where I learned a lot about the Gravity 3’s and how they will perform outside. I can run faster without as much effort in them, but at the same time they are not the most comfortable shoe that I have ever run in due to (at least I believe), the Newton lug system in the forefoot.

I think that I prefer the POP2 line versus the POP1 and will move to them after the Gravity shoes I have in the house wear out.

The things you learn when you actually run in shoes outside more than one or in a race.

Yeah, I learned a lot.


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