Another Long Run Bites the Dust – RunLog 3-28-18

Today was long run day and I wanted to do at least 11.0 before it was all said and done. Weather was not an issue this morning…well other than a 5-10 mph headwind most of the way in. Temps were in the 30’s and supposed to get into the mid 40’s by the time I finished and the clouds were supposed to give way to sun at some point.

This long run was not about running fast and I purposely started out slow and slowed down again after mile 2.0

I really am not crazy about running down in front of the new Maine General Hospital and then through the two rotaries down Route 3, but once in a while it is a nice change of pace and still a net downhill. Once I got to the I-95 bridge and started going downhill, I managed to pick up the pace a bit, but by the time I got down on Bangor Street, I was running out of steam and really started to slow down.

Initially I had planned to go across the big bridge, but I was too tired and decided to do the middle bridge and run a short way down the Rail Trail to get 11.0.

It was not the easiest long run that I have done this year, but I got it done and would like to get back to the point of doing 13.1 each week or at least every other week. I think the old body can handle that this year and I would like to break 1:40:00 for a half this year, but I have to get the body back in that kind of shape and right now it ain’t all that close.

At least I do not think about my feet too much in the Skechers GORun Ride 7’s, I just run in them and focus on getting through the run. A very good thing.

I am very happy with how I felt after the run and was even able to another 5.0 miles on the elliptical and still felt really good. I think that eating a nice high protein lunch and then taking an hour nap really does help with the faster recoveries that I have had after my long runs this year.

Very happy with my long run today.

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