A Bit ‘O Rain – RunLog 3-30-18

Yep, it was raining this morning…I am not really complaining all that much about it, since rain at this point in the year is a lot better than the white shite, plus it helps to eat rid of that white stuff.

Photo is from our walk down-back – not a lot of fun, but Bennie was adamant about wanting to walk down there and today I decided to humor him. It was crunchy ice so it was walkable most of the time. We turned around just after the second telephone pole and he was happy with that. He went home and shivered on the couch.

However, after walking Bennie twice in the rain, with temps in the mid 30’s at the time made me decide that running inside on the treadmill was probably a much better choice this morning.

Friday’s are a rest day most of the time, but I was feeling pretty good after doing my pre-run routine, I decided to put the treadmill at 7.6 mph and just go from there. I planned on only doing 4.0, so if I held that speed during the entire run I would be happy.

I was feeling pretty good, so at 2.5 I pushed the pace and started a nice progression run to 3.75, where I had a nice kick.

Overall, a very nice run, where I maintained a nice pace and was able to keep picking up the pace a little even after I started to get a little tired.

Run Information

• Course: Planet Fitness Waterville Treadmill

• Distance: 4.0

• Time: 31:03

• Pace: 7:46

• Shoes: Skechers GoRun Ride 7

• Temperature: Indoor

• Weather: Indoor

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