Runnin In Waterville – RunLog 3-31-18

This morning was bright and lots of sunshine, with a bit of a breeze, so it was just chilly enough that I was glad that I did go out and get that new down jacket at Eddie Bauer’s yesterday afternoon. I still cannot believe that we got it for only $21.00 on clearance, it does pay to shop around a little, as much as I hate to go shopping, it was worth it.

When Mary doesn’t walk with us, we both like to go down back for our walks, it is tougher walking right now with the snow, ice, yes – mud and the melting then re-freezing going on this time of year. However, it is a nice change of pace after months of walking down the hill and back up.

Since I had walked down-back I knew that it was not runnable for me and I didn’t feel like running down the hill or doing laps up on top, so that meant driving into Waterville and doing something from Planet Fitness. I wanted to do about 5.0 miles at an easy effort and not worry about the pace.

Once I get off KMD, running in Waterville ain’t too bad, so today I explored the first left off First Rangeway and then coasted down to Cool Street. Once I got past the Drug Store, going down Silver Street was good. About half-way, I decided it would be a great idea to stop at the Library for a quick rest room break and then headed back up to First Rangeway.

You really do not get a great idea of how much uphill there is to contend with after leaving the Library and how it without you noticing it reduces your pace if you are not paying attention.

I fell into that trap today and when I looked at the pace chart I was surprised at how much slower the last two miles were compared to the first three.

However, I will be glad when the street sweepers come through and get the salt/sand mixture off the sides of the road now that it is not frozen. When I push off in that stuff, there is that little slip, where it feels as though your foot is going to spin-out, but then suddenly catches. That does tire me out a little more than just running on tar.

Overall, I was happy with the run and my overall pace for a recovery run.

Run Information

• Course: Planet Fitness – Library – First Rangeway Loop

• Distance: 5.2

• Time: 45:06

• Pace: 8:40

• Shoes: Skechers GoRun Ride 7

• Weather: Clear, Breezy

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