Looking Back At March 2018

March 2018, was another month where the weather was the primary focus of my running – that how to deal with last part of winter, when you are ready for Spring. Yes, the weather forced me inside more than I would have liked, but it is just the way things work out during winters in Maine for me. I am more interested in getting my runs in, versus braving the elements at this point in my life.

I continue to simplify my computing and online life and move ever further into the world of Apple. It might not always be the absolute best way to do things, but when I look at the whole picture, most everything works good enough for me.Well let’s get to how I am doing on what I want to focus on this year.My favorite photo from March was:

I cannot really say that this was my favorite photo from March, but it was probably says the most about how I saw a lot of it – behind the snow blower. The thing is that the snow kept piling up during the month, until there were only two window “panes” showing on the bedroom window and the snow blower wore out and had to be taken to the shop for repairs – In other words, I fought the weather and the weather won most of the time.

1. Run Better

I am continuing to run more consistently than I have for a long time, which means that I am starting to run better. I attribute my progress to limiting my running to around 30 miles a week with only one long run and one speed session per week. Also I am still using the elliptical for cross-training 4-5 days a week and keeping the total mileage from both to around 60 miles a week, which seems to be about the right amount for my body right now.

During the last week, I had a problem starting with my right hip, that same issue that plagued me last fall. I was starting to get concerned, then I finally figured out what caused it then and now. The week before I had started using my U/A Bandit 3’s for my walking shoes and within a week I had right hip issues. When stopped using them and the hip issue went away. Continue reading “Looking Back At March 2018”