Back is Talking Nasty – RunLog 4-2-18

A very weird day, while doing Bennie’s long walk, about 1/2 mile into it, all of sudden my lower left back started to really talk nasty to me. I thought for a few minutes that I was going to have to ask Mary to go back and get Clifford to give me a ride home. However, after a few minutes I was able to walk gingerly.

It seemed to clear up, but there was an echo of discomfort that didn’t go away all day.

However, me being me, I wanted to keep moving around and the back didn’t feel THAT bad, but at the same time, I didn’t want to go on a run and find myself 2-3 miles away from the house or gym and have to crawl back or make a phone call to get someone to come and get me.

Which meant another day on the treadmill, even though the weather and roads were both good enough to run outside. Drat!

Once at the gym I did a lot of stretching and stuff when I got to the gym, which seemed to help a bit.

I put the treadmill on 7.1 mph and didn’t speed up or anything for the next 5.0 miles. The back didn’t bother all that much once I got going, it was that echo of discomfort more than any real discomfort.

Instead of getting on the elliptical I just foam rolled and squawked a bit when I rolled that lacrosse ball, however, I felt better after I got done.

Although I will not do my scheduled long run tomorrow and may skip it this week altogether, but it also means that more than likely that if I run tomorrow it will probably be another treadmill run. Not a big deal, but sometimes better to be in control of the pace and where you are, if you are unsure of how your body is going to respond to a workout.

I wonder if running circles around the track on Sunday had anything to do with it? I will probably never know the cause of my back talking so nasty to me this morning, but it would be nice to have a clue about what happened.

Everything seems pretty good right now, so I am hopeful it was just a back spasm.

Surprise Easter Track Session – RunLog 4-1-18

Happy Easter everyone. I hope that everyone had way too many sweets, a little too much to eat and that if you have kids that they are bouncing off the walls on their sugar high and that you joined them.

Just remember that today is also April Fool’s Day, so I hope that you didn’t take yourself too seriously throughout the day.

This morning I drove up to Waterville to go to the gym…errrr Harold didn’t you remember it is Easter and you realize that most things were closed. Didn’t you get the hint when you drove down to Annie’s to get the Sunday paper and she was closed!

Yeah, but I didn’t notice a sign on the door when I was at Planet Fitness the other day (it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there, I just didn’t notice it) and was sort of thinking that it would probably be open since it is one of the 24/7 kind of facilities, well except for weekends when it is 7 to 7. When I got there, the lights were on and I was going to myself – great it is open, but I didn’t see anyone inside and there was a sign on the door.


So yeah, it was not open, but I wasn’t the only one driving up and looking at the building like they wanted to go in and workout.

Today was a planned speed work day – not a heavy duty one, but something with 6-8 quarters and maybe some strides.

My alternatives were parking in the Planet Fitness lot and going for a run and doing some tempo/fartlek work or going over to Colby’s track and doing faster repeats there.

I opted for the track, the temps were in the mid 40’s with a pretty stiff breeze, so I figured it would help a little and be a good resistance training when I ran against it.

Off I went to Colby. Continue reading “Surprise Easter Track Session – RunLog 4-1-18”