Surprise Easter Track Session – RunLog 4-1-18

Happy Easter everyone. I hope that everyone had way too many sweets, a little too much to eat and that if you have kids that they are bouncing off the walls on their sugar high and that you joined them.

Just remember that today is also April Fool’s Day, so I hope that you didn’t take yourself too seriously throughout the day.

This morning I drove up to Waterville to go to the gym…errrr Harold didn’t you remember it is Easter and you realize that most things were closed. Didn’t you get the hint when you drove down to Annie’s to get the Sunday paper and she was closed!

Yeah, but I didn’t notice a sign on the door when I was at Planet Fitness the other day (it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there, I just didn’t notice it) and was sort of thinking that it would probably be open since it is one of the 24/7 kind of facilities, well except for weekends when it is 7 to 7. When I got there, the lights were on and I was going to myself – great it is open, but I didn’t see anyone inside and there was a sign on the door.


So yeah, it was not open, but I wasn’t the only one driving up and looking at the building like they wanted to go in and workout.

Today was a planned speed work day – not a heavy duty one, but something with 6-8 quarters and maybe some strides.

My alternatives were parking in the Planet Fitness lot and going for a run and doing some tempo/fartlek work or going over to Colby’s track and doing faster repeats there.

I opted for the track, the temps were in the mid 40’s with a pretty stiff breeze, so I figured it would help a little and be a good resistance training when I ran against it.

Off I went to Colby.It was strange stepping back on the track I knew that it had been a while, but it is where some of my more successful athletic endeavors happened back in the glory days. So it is a place that I associate with good memories and more than a little self-induced pain to run fast – for me.

I decided to use the Skechers GoMeb Speed 3’s that I got for a decent price on eBay to see how they felt. After all I got them to run fast for me in them and being on the track is one of the places where I would be doing just that. πŸ™‚

I did a 4 lap warm-up

6 x 400m, with 400m recovery

With one more lap after

The breeze did kick butt a little on the back stretch and the far turn, but was at my back for the stretch run, which was good. I did push the pace, but I didn’t do HARD 400’s, I tried really hard to stay in the 85-90% effort level, just above comfortably hard, but not full-out.

This is my first outside session and the stride, pacing and stuff feels different outside than on the treadmill, so I didn’t want to pull any muscles or strain the ligaments too much this early. Let the body get used to the effort and the strain required to run faster paces.

How did the GoMeb Speed 3’s do?

They were comfortable, quiet and on my fast laps, I didn’t think about them. Good first impression, but they have no padding on the tongue and I am not sure how I feel about those stretchy laces (which I think are fugly). I will do a couple more runs in them before I make any other decisions about changing them out or not.

The other thing is that when I got to looking at my running logs tonight to see when my last outside track workout was, I found out that today was my first track workout since August 2015 over at Cony.

Yeah, I didn’t realize that I hadn’t done a track workout for over 2 years. It definitely surprised me, because I thought that I had done one in 2016, but I couldn’t find any record of it. Sometimes you plan on doing stuff and think that you did it, but when you go back through your running log, you realize that you never got around to doing what you had planned.

Even with the breeze, I still enjoyed getting back on the track, how I felt doing my fast repeats and pleasantly surprised at how good the Speed 3’s felt.

So even though I messed up on getting to Planet Fitness today, it turned into a nice track workout and it won’t be another two years before my next one – that much I am pretty damn sure of.

By the way, I ate way too much for Easter Dinner at SD2’s, had two pieces (slabs) of Coconut Cream/Dream cake, so I am well sugared and well fed. The scale ain’t gonna like me tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

However, there was a welcome sight by the far entrance.

Yeah it is nice to know where there are strategically placed port-a-potties for future reference.

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