Being Conservative Today – RunLog 4-3-18

Well sort of.

The weather outside was pretty decent and definitely runnable, but after yesterday’s scare with my back, I decided last night that I was not going to run outside for a day or two to make sure that everything was back to normal.

That feeling like having a knife stuck in my lower back, was not one where I was looking for a repeat performance today.

Although I was sorely tempted to go ahead and run 5-6 miles outside in Waterville, but I still had a slight echo/feeling, however, it was feeling a helluva lot better than yesterday morning.

Instead, I decided to stay conservative, run on the treadmill and be safe.

Well, I did 2 out of 3 😉

I was feeling really good and it doesn’t look like I will be doing my long this week, so I figured what to hell and put it on 7.6 mph and waited for things to fall apart.

Kind of a let’s stress test the back if its gonna haunt me – let’s get it over with. Yeah, I am not all that smart sometimes, but I ain’t one to just sit on my arse waiting for something to happen – I want to know what I am up against.

Things held together and I was feeling pretty comfortable through 2.0 miles, so I decided to go for 5.0 and bumped it up to 7.7 for another mile. I kept pushing the pace and had a good last quarter – although I did loose focus a little for that part and had to work hard to finish in 38:37.

Not too bad for an old fart, who was really worried about whether his back was going to act up or not when I started. The back was fine and while I could still feel where whatever happened yesterday affected my back, it didn’t get in the way or bother in any way that slowed me down.

A very good thing.

I still don’t have a clue what happened, but I am thankful that it seems to have resolved itself quickly and I have a feeling that I can get back to running pretty normally.

The GoMeb Speed 3’s did fine, although I think they are just a tad snug in the toe box, they didn’t really bother during the run. They are not as narrow as the Speed 2’s, which I had problems wearing, the next thing will be to run in them outside to get a feel for them other than on the treadmill or track.

All I know is that I had a pretty big sigh of relief when I finished the run and the back didn’t bother. I just do not like that feeling like someone stuck a knife in my lower back for some reason or other.