A Bad Case of the Stoopids – RunLog 4-6-18

Okay, some days I am pretty stoopid. I had to go up to Fairfield and pay for getting the rototiller worked on, but it was still cold/windy enough that I wasn’t going to enjoy running outside.

Which meant another run on the treadmill. Since I did a fairly hard treadmill workout yesterday, I didn’t want to do another one today.

I started out pretty nicely and then had someone get on the treadmill beside me going just a little slower. Now I know I am stoopid sometimes and today was one of those days I was gonna get stoopid again.

After a mile, I decided that I was going to turn this into a little 1K repeat action and put it at just a little above where I want my race pace and did my first repeat. I felt pretty good and figured that was not a bad idea.

The the person on the treadmill beside me started doing repeats just a little faster than I was doing my 1K repeats. Actually I did pretty good and went back to the same speed when I started my next repeat and at just over a .1 into that repeat, my calf started to talk nasty to me – it tightened up a little.

So instead of pushing through the entire 1K repeat, I went back to my easy pace. The calf relaxed and told me I could keep running. So I did and I was still on my stoopid kick and kept increasing the speed a little and checking in with the calf.

Thankfully, the person beside me got off the treadmill a little bit after than and I didn’t have to be competitive.

It was doing fine and when I got to that last mile, I decided to one more 1K repeat. I put it up to speed and the calf didn’t complain, so I kept going to the end at speed.

While I acted like a stoopid person, instead of doing the workout I was supposed and ran a little faster than I should have, it didn’t seem to bother the old body too much. The calf is doing fine, but my left hamstring is complaining a little. Tomorrow will be a lot easier run than the rest of the week has been.

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