Week in Review 4-8-18

Yeah, the weather sucks and there is not a damn thing we can do about it, but wait a minute for it to change ;-). One of the joys of living in Maine, but actually it has always been that way wherever I have lived, it just seems worse as I get older and feel the effects of the weather more.

My favorite or most appropriate photo from last week:

This week was the week of treadmilling. On Monday, I wanted to make sure that the old back was gonna hold up and then the rest of the week, well the weather disagreed with the idea it was Spring.

Finally, on Sunday, I got outside and enjoyed it, until my GRR7’s decided they didn’t like my left heel and wore through to the heel counter.

Not what I expected from my Skechers GoRun Ride 7’s, but they have worn through and are starting to bother my left heel, not quite a blister on today’s run, but I would not have wanted to run very much further – I have a feeling that the results would not have been fun. This is not how I want to build confidence in my long run shoes to say the least, but it is what it is.

I can still walk comfortably in them, but I can feel the the left heel a bit too much when running in the GRR7’s, so it looks like I am back to the drawing board. Although I have a feeling that I am not going to use my LockLaces on the next pair of shoes that run in. If the running shoes do not have a perfect lock down in the heel cup, there is just enough play with the Locklaces to cause this problem. This is what I think happened to the GRR7’s. I will get them again, but set them up differently and maybe use a slightly thicker insole to raise my ankles up just a little more.

Even though I haven’t been outside too much this week, I did get my goal of 30 miles running and combined total of 50 on the elliptical and running.

I was down a little on the elliptical because at the start of the week I was being very conservative with a little lower back stabbing type pain on a walk and wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything serious before I got back to it again.

The other thing is that I am starting to figure out that while I love to run, am fairly competitive and run fast for me, that I just don’t have a lot initiative when it comes to actually racing. It doesn’t have anything to do with my old race anxiety or that kind of stuff, it is more that I just am not all that motivated to go to a race.

I talk a good game about wanting to race more and I train my arse off to run a decent time for my age, but when it comes time to actually do the application or get off my butt to go to a race, I don’t. When you add in that the race entry fees being rather high, it does factor into whether I want to spend the money to get t-shirt (maybe), run in a race and get something to eat after.

I know we all talk about the comraderie that runners get to enjoy by being around other runners while at races. However, going to one by myself, wandering around before the start, pushing myself during the race, hanging around for a bit mostly by myself after and then driving myself home, well just doesn’t appeal to me all that much anymore. It is almost like when I go to a race “I am all alone, amongst all the commotion”.

Maybe if I had some people to go to races with it would be different, but…I don’t know how to explain things sometimes, but at the same time, I think some other runners will understand what I am attempting to convey.

Oh well enough whining, I know that I will go to some races this year, but I am going to de-emphasize racing’s importance, because I really do not think that running in a race means all that much to me at this point.

The important thing is that I am still running, wanting to run more often and looking forward to my next run :-). I guess at this point that is still pretty damn good.