7.0 Miles and GMS3’s Doing It Right – RunLog 4/10/18

Well, it still ain’t warm and toasty outside, but at least the wind is not howling, but still blowing a pretty steady pace in a runner’s face. Yeah, it was nice enough outside that I wanted to be out in the elements this morning for my run.

I added a Coast Guard patch to my Boston Strong hat, it turned out pretty good.

However, I have retired the GoRun Ride 7’s to walking shoes, since the left heel counter is very questionable for running – I am pretty sure I would get a blister if I continued to run in them based on how they felt on Sunday’s run if I had gone any further in them convinced me that was a pretty good idea. Although knowing me I will at some point go for another run in them, because they are a huge favorite of all the running shoes I have run in lately. Unfortunately, the upper was not up to the way my heel is formed.

So this morning I decided to wear my GoMeb Speed 3’s and see how they would do on the roads, prior to this they had only seen duty on the track and treadmill. I really wanted to get 4-5 miles in (more if the shoes were up to it). Continue reading “7.0 Miles and GMS3’s Doing It Right – RunLog 4/10/18”