7.0 Miles and GMS3’s Doing It Right – RunLog 4/10/18

Well, it still ain’t warm and toasty outside, but at least the wind is not howling, but still blowing a pretty steady pace in a runner’s face. Yeah, it was nice enough outside that I wanted to be out in the elements this morning for my run.

I added a Coast Guard patch to my Boston Strong hat, it turned out pretty good.

However, I have retired the GoRun Ride 7’s to walking shoes, since the left heel counter is very questionable for running – I am pretty sure I would get a blister if I continued to run in them based on how they felt on Sunday’s run if I had gone any further in them convinced me that was a pretty good idea. Although knowing me I will at some point go for another run in them, because they are a huge favorite of all the running shoes I have run in lately. Unfortunately, the upper was not up to the way my heel is formed.

So this morning I decided to wear my GoMeb Speed 3’s and see how they would do on the roads, prior to this they had only seen duty on the track and treadmill. I really wanted to get 4-5 miles in (more if the shoes were up to it).

I went into Waterville and as soon as I started running, I knew that the GMS3’s were definitely a lot more firm than the GRR7’s. It wasn’t a bad feeling, but it was very noticeable.

However, I don’t usually mind firmer shoes after all I ran in the the Pearl Izumi N2 v1 (which is probably the firmest shoe I have ever run in) and loved it. It was just getting reacclimated to the firmer ride.

Actually, I was running easy, not pushing the pace and enjoying the scenery in town. It was still a bit chilly in the 30’s with a 10 mph or so breeze out of the SSE, but it didn’t bother that much.

I had decided to do the Colby – Washington loop (just over 5.0 miles) and while I slowed down pretty good going up the hill out of Colby, I really didn’t feel bad going up the hill and could have pushed the pace quite a bit. Once I got past the trail head, I just picked up the pace a little more and kept things pretty steady.

At least until I got across from Fred’s Coffee, where on my side of the road was an overly aggressive Black Lab running loose in the yard. It pretty much forced me to the other side of the road, it came half way across like it wanted a piece of me. I yelled some pretty uncomplimentary words of encouragement for them to come get their $#@damned dog. No response from the house and the dog, kept barking and lunging at me like I was going to be its next supper.

Supervise your damn dogs people, next time I will mace the little sumbitch and call 911. I am getting pretty tired of dogs coming at me.

After that I was still feeling pretty good, although the bottoms of my feet were starting to feel a little tired and slightly sore. I wasn’t used to the firmness and had already run 5.0 miles, so of course instead of going straight back, I turned left onto Lincoln and still had a couple miles to go.

The feet never really got to feeling any worse and I was able to do each of the last three miles at sub 8:30 pace without killing the old body.

I learned a lot about the GoMeb Speed 3’s and they could be used as an emergency trainer, in addition to being my race day and treadmill shoes. I am going to start carrying a mace/pepper spray as dog repellant, I am tired of aggressive dogs that come at me on public roads.

Overall a really good run and I was really happy that I was able to get 7.0 miles in today.

Although Elliott wasn’t too thrilled with my socks being in his sleeping spot, after I got home 😉

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