First Run Skechers GoRun Forza 3 – RunLog 4-11-18

Hey, a new 2018 course record on my test course by 15 seconds, despite not really going all that hard. I started out fairly slowly and then picked up a bit as I went down Philbrick Hill. When I got to the flats I did pick it up just to see how things felt.

Oh yeah, it was also my first run in the Skechers GoRun Forza 3’s.

Let’s start from the beginning.I bought the Skechers GoRun Forza 3’s Houston 2018 special edition, which was on sale through Runner’s Warehouse, so I am not beholding to anyone and all that I write about the Forza’s are definitely my own experiences with them.

They came in at 9.0 ounces for size 8.5, right in that sweet spot. They are lighter-weight daily trainers that have a touch of stability – a style of running shoe that usually works well for me.

The first thought after a quarter mile was – the Forza 3’s are quiet, not GRR2 quiet, but damn quiet for an outsole that actually has more rubber than midsole to run on. Which for me, also means that the shoe tends to work with how I run – a very good thing. This is the one thing that tells me very quickly if I am going to be happy with a running shoe or if I should just send it back

As I kept running, I didn’t feel as though I had to get used to the shoe or tweak how I run to run comfortably in the Forza 3’s, I was able to just run.

One of the reasons I take my new running shoes on this course is that it has a nice variety of downhills, flats, corners, dirt turns and then running back up a pretty tough hill – it gives me a pretty good idea really quickly how a shoe is going to work for me.

As I said before once I got down on the flats I picked up the pace a little – not a lot though because I had tired legs from my 7.0 mile run in racing shoes (GoMeb Speed 3) yesterday and was purposely trying to not push things too hard.

I felt really comfortable and I was surprised at the amount of grip that the Forza 3’s had on the dirt shoulders – that place you escape to when the trucks fly by. Even the sand/gravel mix sitting on the tar from the long winter didn’t feel too bad. I won’t be taking them on any tough trails, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use them over on UMA or even Quarry Road once things dry out. However, they will pick up their share of pebbles in the grooves I have a feeling.

Coming back up the hill they didn’t get in the way of my stride and were still very quiet. That feeling where some shoes drag the heel and then slap down the forefoot – there was none of that stuff at all – another good thing.

During the last mile I really did run easy and didn’t attempt to pick up the pace like I usually do, not because I couldn’t with the shoes, my feet felt great, it was more I was just too tired from yesterday.

Even so, on a day when I was tired, had some pretty dead legs and brand new shoes that I hadn’t run in before, I set a 2018 course record for my test course. That tells me either I am in better shape than I thought or maybe the Forza 3’s worked well with the way I run.

Overall, the Skechers Forza 3’s had really good manners, were quiet, nice heel-to-toe transition, the motion control was not noticeable (a good thing), they feel firmer than my GRR7’s, but still have enough cushioning to not feel harsh at all and the best part – I found them to be very comfortable. It was a very good initial run and impressions.

I think that is a better representation of my running shoes than the 50 mile reviews which seem to give a lot of fool’s gold compared to what I think of the shoes at 100 miles.

Now to get a bunch of miles on them and see what I think at 100 miles

Hell I even really like the colorway 🙂

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