First Outside Double 2018 – RunLog 4-11-18

Two runs in the same day…I haven’t done that in a while, but it is time to start in doing it a couple times a week, which will help me get to my weekly goal mileage of 40 miles per week once I get the body ready for the increase.

Run #1

I went to Waterville for a nice run outside in shorts and no windbreaker. I still had a long sleeve tech shirt and a tech shirt underneath, along with gloves, but I got to wear shorts. A nice change of pace and I ditched the gloves after a couple of miles.

I wanted to get 5-6 miles and added a bit to the first part of the run, which worked out just about perfect. It was not supposed to be a fast run, just another run to get acquainted with the Forza 3’s manners and see how they do on a bit longer run.

With the laces I have in, I have to tuck them into the lace box, so they don’t flap around, they are a bit too long, so I will look around to see what I have that is shorter in red. I like the red laces, although I have a feeling that white wouldn’t look too shabby either.

For the most part it was just a nice easy run where I had to make a pit stop at the library to feel better. Although for some reason after I stop there, I tend to loose my pacing and slow down a lot going back to PF. It probably has something to do with it being, slightly uphill and you really don’t notice the elevation gain as much as a real hill until you stop going uphill.

At about 5 miles the outside of my right foot started to bother a little, nothing serious, but I decided to bring it straight in versus heading up over Lincoln, which I had thought about doing, to add a little more distance. It was a good decision and I was glad that I kept it to 6.0 miles.

Plus going down First Rangeway was a bit of a wind tunnel and while the “official” app reading was less than 5 mph, it sure seemed like a lot more than that going into it.

This afternoon I had my bi-weekly acupuncture appointment and added a few new spots for the needles, which seemed to help quite a bit. I talked with Terry about if it was okay to run after and she said “go for it”.

Run #2

After the needlework, I headed down to the Rail Trail in Hallowell and proceeded to head down towards Augusta, I figured since this was my first double of the year an easy paced 3.0 miles would be just about right.

That first half mile was rather horrid. My body was going “what in the hell are you doing shithead?”

It wasn’t all happy about this second run stuff.

I go through this every time, I start second runs, so I ignored the way my body was responding and talking to me. Once it figured out that we were going to keep going, things settled in and I began to find a decent stride. But that first 1/2 mile I was definitely doing the “old man shuffle”.

After that things got easier and I was able to just run. The right foot didn’t bother at all, so I think it is just a matter of getting the foot used to running longer in the Forza’s.

I was pleasantly surprised at the mile splits for the effort levels, nothing super fast but 10 second better each mile and the pacing was fairly consistent for me.

While neither run was anything to write home about, they were both consistent and good miles that left me feeling good, which is all I can ask for.

When I got home Elliott was being Elliott and somehow got one of the grocery bags hung around his head and dropped it off the counter, while he was supervising the food being put away. Silly cat.

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