16 Years – Hard to Believe

This was going to be written yesterday, but the day got busy and on our 16th Wedding Anniversary, I wanted to focus more on being with Mary than my iPad Pro :-).

Yeah can you believe it, we have been married 16 years! It doesn’t seem possible, but the years we have been together have flown by. They have been good years for the most part and I believe that we are friends first and foremost which I think is the true basis for any long lasting relationship.

I do know that I love Mary more today than I did on that day 16 years ago, when I said I do at Moody Chapel – Good Will Hinckley.

Okay enough of gooey hooey stuff ;-).

I did go into Waterville for a run, a quick 4.0 miler around our old course that Mary and I used to run together.

I ran in my Newton Gravity 3’s and they did better than they have in a while, I think that I want to wear them primarily as a change of pace running shoe 1-2 times a week. I run well in them, but at about the 5.0 mile mark they begin to bother the bottoms of my feet, so running longer in them doesn’t work so well for me.

Overall, a nice run and I talked to the Manager of the Waterville Planet Fitness to see if he could put a foam roller in the stretching area, since Augusta had one. He said he would check with his regional manager, but as soon as he said that, I kind of figured he was not interested in getting one. Oh well, I can bring my mini with me and use it there and bring it home.

There was also an ulterior motive for going in, I wanted to get roses for her. We had agreed to not get presents or stuff for one another, but…well I don’t get them for her very often anymore and I wanted to do something more than just go out for supper.

So I got 18 roses, 18 covers the 18 years we have been together and the 16th anniversary we celebrated on the 13th.

We did go out to Slate’s restaurant in Hallowell. What a mess the road construction is going to be!!! It is going to kill more than a few businesses downtown. It takes away from the charm and ease of movement down there. I know I won’t go down there too often with that kind of mess going on.

The dinner itself was nice, although they did mess up our reservation and did not reserve the table that we had requested. Other than that Danielle was our waitress and she has been there since we started going to Slates back in 2001, so it was nice to be recognized, even if we all are a bit older.

It was a great meal and desert was as usual too good that Lemon Cheesecake went down way to easy for me and I didn’t see too many crumbs on Mary’s plate with the Peanut Butter Swirl Pie.

All in All a pretty damn good day and here is to the 16 years of being married to Mary.

While Mary might not really like this photo, I do, it shows her mischievous side too.

One thought on “16 Years – Hard to Believe

  1. That is wonderful – congratulations and happy anniversary 🙂

    Funny about the imperfections of your dinner, I find that few things are ever really perfect but some times and some things get to us more than others, whereas it is great when it all just works out and you can brush off the little stuff and focus on what really matters – the two people celebrating.

    Glad you had an nice day, and hope for many more for the two of you!

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