Good Week In Review – 4-15-18

A busy, but productive week, we got a few things resolved, had a great anniversary, I made a couple of changes on the tech front (nothing earth shattering) and I even ran a bit.

Favorite Photo from the week

Elliott sniffing my toe socks.We had an experience with a sick raccoon that was not acting normal and Mary called it in. It was diseased and as soon as the Game Warden saw it, he immediately put it down. I am not sure what was wrong with it, but for him to not hesitate, it was definitely serious. So please be aware of wild critters that are not acting normal.

I had tried the Facebook app again on my iPad Pro and decided when an app is taking up 27% of my daily usage and my battery is dead by 4:00 PM that there is too much going on in the background that I don’t know about. I have gone back to using Facebook only in a browser and closing it when I am not using it.

Also I am continuing to block all the meme websites and like my Facebook feed a lot better, I get a lot more of the post, photos from the people I follow and a lot fewer of the useless memes that so many of us mindlessly like and then clutter our timelines. I really think that a lot of the memes and quizzes are part of the problem of Facebook and for the most part have gotten so that I just block them without another thought.

Let’s get to my running:

I got to my 30 mile per week goal and had a rest day on Monday, which was badly needed. The rest of the week was pretty normal for me.

Although I didn’t get to my combine elliptical/running goal of at least 50 miles.

Looking back at the week I need to do a better job of running slower on recovery days. However, it is hard to do and I am purposely running slower and still end up with a faster than I wanted pace.

Also I stopped weighing myself after Thursday, too much celebrating and eating too well for a few days. Time to get back to it again.

With meeting a very aggressive dog on Tuesday’s run and that raccoon episode, I am going to start carrying pepper spray and/or get one of those loud horns to scare off critters

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Ran over around Colby for a total of 7.0 miles, found out that while I can run longer in the GoMeb Speed 3’s that they do beat me up a bit to do it. Met aggressive black lab over by Fred’s Coffee – was not impressed. Got in new Skechers Forza 3’s more on that in the shoe section.

Wednesday – First run in the Forza 3’s they did everything I asked of them. My initial impressions were: Ran first time in Skechers Forza 3’s, very quiet running, smooth heel-to-toe transition, did not bother my tailor’s bunionette, firm-but cushioned, very comfortable, a tad loose in the heel cup. Might be a Goldilocks shoe, very great first impression and I even liked the colorway.

Thursday – Did a double first one in Waterville a nice 6.0 miler and then after my acupuncture appointment in Waterville went for a quick 5K on the Rail Trail, not fast, but everything felt really good.

Friday – Our 16th Anniversary, I purposely chose to run in the Gravity 3’s. I am going to attempt to do better with actually rotating my shoes. It was a nice run on the course that Mary and I used to run on together.

Saturday – An unseasonably cold spell was/is going through and with the temps in the teens for a feels like, I just decided to run on the treadmill for 5.0 miles. I ran in the GoMeb Speed 3’s and they did quite nicely. They are not a true racing flat, but are a bit firmer than a daily trainer would be for me. I can run in them for most distances I run, however I have to think about the next day or two after a longer run in them.

Sunday – The legs were feeling a bit beat up from running in the GMS3’s Saturday and due to the weather, I was back on the treadmill again. I just wanted the workout over, so I decided on a 5K time trial. I ran the 5K consistently and faster than I have all year, so I was happy with it. Although I was pretty wiped for the rest of the day as a result.

A really good week of running, I even was able to be outside more than inside this week. Now for the weather to break and get outside most of the time.

With the 5K time trial I have a feeling with the right conditions and course, I should be able to get under 23:00 minutes and possibly get fairly close to 22:00, if I get lucky. We will see.

Running Shoes

Yeah, the Skechers GoRun Ride 7’s have been taken out of the rotation. I wore down to the heel counter in the left shoe (which is a blister waiting to happen) and in the right ankle well it is worn thru to the foam. Not what I wanted because I really, really like those shoes a lot. However, if they are blisters waiting to happen it is time to move on.

So I decided to get a pair of Forza 3’s. Running Warehouse had the Houston Marathon 2018 edition leftovers on sale for basically 50% off. I had read a lot of good things about them and needed a new pair to replace the Ride 7’s.

I am liking them quite a bit they are not the fastest shoes I have, but they are comfortable.

The biggest things I didn’t like were the laces (color and too long) and that they are rock/pebble collectors. Otherwise they are doing everything I ask of them.

The other thing is that I am finding that I can run in the Speed 3’s, but if I run further than 4-5 miles in them I do pay for it a little more than I do with other shoes. Not bad, but it is noticeable.

My weight was hitting the 158 range by Thursday, but eating at Slate’s, having Pizza night and then a huge homemade bread/steak bomb, meant that I have to get back to watching what goes down the pie hole again.

Overall, a really good week and one where my running/working out took a back seat to some life stuff going on, which is going to happen. I just have to re-focus and get back to doing what I need to do to be healthier.

Although I did read a couple of pretty good books and re-read a book that I borrowed from the Newport Library back in 1975 and never returned it. I offered it back to them a few years later and the Librarian laughed at me and told me to keep it.

I will watch Boston tomorrow and see if it motivates me to do something stoopid, like start training for one of those damn marathons again 😉

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