Sometimes I Am Stoopid – RunLog 4-15-18

Well the title pretty much says all it needs to say. No, I am not injured, not I am not in trouble, but yes, I am stoopid.

Yaddy yaddy, yah about the weather, everyone is getting crap for weather and tomorrow’s Boston Marathon ain’t gonna be a lot of fun most of the folks out there running. Today was not all that great for April 15th, so I went for another treadmill run, just because I am getting wimpy.

By the time I got on the hampster wheel, I really just wanted it over with. Yesterday was a faster 5.0 miles and I figured that yesterday’s workout would probably affect anything faster that I would do today

That is when I got a case of the stoopids.

Initially I had thought about doing 5x1K at race pace, but with yesterday’s run and not feeling like doing 6-7 more miles today, I decided on doing a full 5K time trial, not all out race pace, but closer than I have done this year. Also that way I would just get the workout over with as quickly as possible.

Like I said I just was not into doing the treadmill today.

I started out at 8.1 mph and held it there through 1.5miles. That first mile was tough, I am not used to running that fast of a pace for a longer distance, then I got to feeling better and kept up with the belt.

Although around 2.0 miles at that pace, I was starting to get some doubts about how brilliant I was, but at the same time I had committed to doing 5K. It is the usual story at around 2.0 miles, things start to suck, but instead of giving in, I pushed at little harder and increased the speed to 8.3 mph. No too smart, but hey I was hurting a bit at this point and needed a little more motivation.

So go faster – idiot!

I won’t say that I suddenly stopped hurting by increasing the speed that little bit, but I refocused and a new song came on in my playlist (yes, I listen to my playlist when I run on the treadmill – it helps). The new song has a strong drum and the lyrics are in German so I don’t try to sing along – it is a warrior’s song and that did take my mind off giving in.

By the time I got to 2.5, I decided to increase the pace a little more and I knew that I had this. I knew that I could hang on for .6 and I kept increasing it a little more. I did have a pretty good kick and finished strong.

Damn, I was happy when I hit 3.1 and could stop that belt of torture.

That is the first true 5K time trial of the year and while it was not a great time by any stretch of the imagination, but it was my fastest 5K of 2018. It was a tough run for me at this point and I was glad that I was done. My ending heart rate was 171 bpm, but by the time I had walked .2 miles at 3.0 mph it was down to 106 bpm, so I recovered fairly decently.

While I felt pretty good, that kind of sustained pace took the wind out of my sails and I figured that it would be a great idea to skip my second workout and did. However, I have been a Hoover vac and have eaten a lot more than I usually do over the course of the afternoon and double servings of everything for supper. That is only after a quick 5K what am gonna do when I start training for something longer? 😉

I did change out the laces on my Forza 3’s , the red ones I had were just too long and the only ones that I had that were the length I wanted were white, but actually the shoes look pretty good with the white laces.

Performance wise they did everything I asked of them, though I wouldn’t really want to race a 5K in them, they are a bit too having for racing, but they did fine at the faster pace.

I did learn about where I am on my “in shape scale” and still have a ways to go before I get to where I think that I need to be.

Good run though!

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