Running in the Rain – RunLog 4-17-18

The conditions outside were definitely not as bad as yesterday, but it was still raining lightly and only in the low 40’s, but the winds were almost gentle at around 5 mph. To be honest this kind of weather is something that I almost like running in.

I wasn’t sure about what kind of run it was going to be, I didn’t want to drive into Waterville and didn’t feel like coming back up Philbrick Hill, so that limited me to doing laps, since down-back is a mud run and not what I felt like doing today.

Since I hadn’t decided on what, I took the first mile pretty easy (over 9:00) and then picked the pace up a little each mile, with the final one being pretty close to an 8:00 pace.

A nice 5.0 mile progression run at about 80-85%, but it did let me know a few things…

I was wearing my Newton Gravity 3’s and they did great until the last mile (mile 5), when the ball of my left foot began to bother a little from the Propulsion Plate, nothing serious, but it was a distraction and unfortunately is the limiting factor for me. If I were to keep running further in them, it does become more of an issue – as I am learning. Oh well, I will just keep them to under 5 miles, they are great up to those distance.

Second, I overdressed and the wind pants were definitely not needed, shorts could have been worn comfortably.

Third, in the rain I need to take off my glasses when I start, not half way through.

Tonight was bouncing around eBay and came on this auction with 33 seconds left and on the spur of the moment decided to go for it. I really didn’t have time to do much more than a quick look, make a bid and see what happened.

Surprisingly, I won!

I figured $20 for a pair of Green Silence was worth it. I don’t really need them, but I couldn’t resist getting them and while I didn’t like the size 8.5 ones that I had (they were a little too big and were the black/green colorway), these were an 8.0 and in a colorway that I like.

Who knows, maybe it will get me interested in Brooks offerings again. I like their premise, but haven’t found any of their current shoes that really interest me enough to want to try them out again.

Yeah, a pretty good day.

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