A Snowy 10 – RunLog 4-18-18

Well that probably got your attention, yes it was snowing out the entire time I was bumbling around trying to get 10 miles in. No, it was not the kind that would stick, but it did give me a pretty good idea of how the Forza 3’s would do on cold, wet, sand covered roads that I navigated on today.

Yeah, if you look real close you can see some white flakes in the photo and it kept getting a bit worse as I kept running, almost sideways at times. Although I got to admit, it did turn to rain for about 5 minutes to keep things interesting and make sure that I wet through, not just cold.

Yep, it was also one of the coldest almost 40*F days I have felt in a while and 5 mph breeze, my arse too, when you were running into that headwind it was a good deal more than 5 mph.

There I go whining about the wether again, but at least it was not the conditions that Boston had on Monday, today was a pretty good walk in the park and everyone there would have gladly had the conditions I had today. So by comparison I had it pretty good today. However, I do still like to whine about the weather. πŸ™‚

As you can see I made the entire 10 mile run, although I did question my sanity a couple of times. I felt really good the first couple of miles and surprisingly did not have to make any pit stops along the way today (that has been my standard operating procedures for far too many of my runs lately).

Once I got to heading up towards Colby my feet began to bother and I seriously thought about heading up First Rangeway and calling 6.0 good enough. However, I didn’t, but I did slow down even more because of how the feet were feeling all the way through Colby.

They were hurting.

Although I did slow down a bit to watch the baseball game in the snow too. I almost snapped a photo, but was afraid if I stopped that I wasn’t going to get going again and it was a long walk back to Planet Fitness, so I kept going.

It was almost as if something in both shoes wasn’t quite right (or more likely, I thought to myself – at the time – it was just MY feet). I did slow down even more going up the hill going out of Colby and when I got to the parking lot road, it almost seemed like something (???? I don’t have a clue) released in the shoes and within 50 yards my feet stopped hurting and was able to just run.


I have never had a pair of shoes do that in all the years I have been a runner. Usually, my feet get feeling worse every mile and I suffer to the end of the run. Today, I was able to finish the last 4.0 miles without discomfort (tired feet yes) or pain. So I will definitely take it as a sign that the shoes broke in for me, but it was definitely one of the weirdest, but good things to happen to me on a run in a while.

Thank goodness, I didn’t have to deal with the dog by Fred’s Coffee, it wasn’t anywhere in sight and the thermometer there read 40*F. Yeah right. It was still colder than a witches teat or so the saying goes.

I did pick the pace up a little and then settled back into a comfortable, let’s finish this run pace that was slower, but definitely easier to maintain today.

I do like this course for a 10 miler, it is not one that I would call super easy, but while the hills are not really challenging, they still get your attention.

Overall a nice 10 mile run and I even got to feel my Forza 3’s break in. πŸ™‚

We will see how they feel next time out.