Down-Back Run Finally – RunLog 4-19-18

Another storm went south of us, so we lucked out again and you know something I ain’t complaining about it at all 🙂

The temps were in the 40’s just bit of a breeze and overcast, in other words a pretty good day for a run. Since I did my long run yesterday, I purposely wanted a run where I would be slower.

Downback seemed like the perfect solution, a bit muddy, having to wear my Newton Boco Sols (a little heavier than I am now used to) and with the hills on the way back, I could just go by effort, not pace.

Yes the legs felt tired and I didn’t really get a decent stride going until after I passed the bog, then they loosened up and felt better. Nothing exciting happened on this run, it was one of those ones where you get out do the miles, smile because you finished and go inside to clean-up.

I haven’t run in the Boco Sols for a while and to be honest the first mile I was ready to turn around and throw them in the back of the garage until next winter. I have been wearing them as my winter do everything shoes and they sure didn’t feel like running shoes to start out.

Finally, after the first mile, the shoes began to loosen up, but I never got completely comfortable running in them. I am not sure why, but although I love the Boco Sols for walking and working outside during the winter, I am not a big fan of them being my trail running shoes. Oh, I am sure I will try them a few more times and get some miles on them, but they feel…well clunky to run in. Maybe that will change, we will see.

A pretty good run and the kind of run I needed after 10 miles in town yesterday. The soft mud/dirt road down-back forced me to go slow and didn’t beat the hell out of my tired legs like a treadmill or another run on pavement would have done.

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