First Run Brooks Green Silence – RunLog 4-20-18

Yes, you are reading the title correctly, I ran in a new to me pair of Brooks Green Silence running shoes this afternoon. It is weird to be writing about a pair of running shoes that the model was discontinued back in 2013 and this evening thinking about how great they felt during that first run.

I had a pair of Green Silence before, but they were a size 9.0 and were too big, so the other night I was wandering around eBay and suddenly came across an auction that was ending in 33 seconds for the style/color Green Silence that I really wanted and in a size 8.0. Yeah, I had about 30 seconds to make up my mind to buy them or not, the price was under $20 with shipping. I processed all this looked at the sole photo, to make sure they were not completely worn out and with 5 seconds left hit the button to bid on them.

Surprisingly, I won!

I really didn’t know whether to be happy or not, I really didn’t need them, I had a good running shoe rotation before I made the bid (Skechers and Newtons), but at that price, okay what was there to loose.

I got them in today and took them to Waterville to check them out.

Brooks Green Silence on a scale

That was a mistake, they are damned comfortable, quiet, light and let me run my way in them. The Green Silence impressed me enough that I decided to wear them to my 5K race tomorrow.

Yeah they were that good.

It was 48*F with a 10 mph out of the NW, with intermittent showers, so it wasn’t exactly great running weather outside, but it was still shorts weather. I started out slowly to get used to the shoes and by the time I got off JFK, I was ratcheting things back.

Then I got to run against the wind for a bit, then I got to run downhill for a while (which is why I chose this course) and found out that the GS have just enough cushion to be comfortable for running down long downhill sections.

I had to purposely keep throttling back on the pace, since I knew that I would be running in a race tomorrow. Going back up the long hill from Cool Street to First Rangeway there was a lot of sand/salt left over on the side of the road and I didn’t have any issues with grip on that mixture or the slightly wet roads.

The Green Silence were comfortable at a quicker pace and also at the slower paces.

Once I got past the little hill on First Rangeway, I did pick up the pace a little, but I didn’t push beyond a comfortably hard effort, plus I had a certain feeling that seems to come on me around 3.0 miles on many of my runs lately. I made it back to Planet Fitness, but didn’t waste a lot of time getting to the locker room.

So I am rather excited about running in the Green Silence tomorrow.

I am not looking at breaking any PR’s or World Records tomorrow and figure that I will run somewhere between 22:00 and 24:00 if everything works out decently. I really do not know where I am with my race conditioning, I haven’t really raced a 5K since 2016. The race tomorrow is more of me finding out my baseline and where I need to improve – I know up front that I need to work on more speedwork and consistently getting in my long runs.

Plus being 20 years younger would probably help a little too, but that ain’t gonna happen hehehehe 🙂

Surpringly, I am looking forward to going down there and seeing a lot of people I haven’t seen since 2016. 2017 just wasn’t a good year for racing – between injuries and New Hampshire I didn’t put a lot of effort into it. This year I would like to improve things a little and race a bit more often, especially now that the weather is improving.

Let’s find out the Green Silence do at a faster for me pace. 🙂

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