The Little Things – Week In Review 4-22-18

Sometimes a busy week is a good week, let’s see actually running in a 5K race, watching Boston, getting in the most miles in a week this year, getting some new to me racing shoes, starting to get stuff started outside and wearing shorts while running most of the time made for the first real week of spring, even though the temps were still below average and the winds above.

My favorite photo from the week:

To those of you who ran Boston on Monday, you have my utmost respect and I still wish that I had been there with you out in the elements running that race. It would have meant that I accomplished something that I started wanting back in 1969.

Now it is time to do more than think or dream about Boston. If the body can get through my usual April or May wipeout, I do see me starting to train to finish one of those damn things called a marathon as a first step towards getting there. Not training for a BQ or anything else this year, just a marathon finish. It is an idea that needs to have resolution and this is the best year to get started on the journey to finish what I started dreaming of so long ago.

My 5K race went better than I expected, no issues with pre-race crap, no injuries during the race and my time was closer to the top of my predicted range than I expected.

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Recovery Run on A Beautiful Spring Day – RunLog 4-22-18

Sometimes the day after a race, you find out that there are parts of your body that just plain old hurt, because you pushed harder than you should have. Well this morning I got up and the ball of my left foot was a little tender and the hamstrings were complaining a little, but the massive amounts of hurt that I sort of expected were not there.

Which is a very good sign or a very bad one, depending on which way you look at it. If I had hurt a lot, it would mean that I really laid it on the line yesterday and gave a hard effort. So either I am in better shape than I thought or I wimped out yesterday. I think that I will take the positive view and hope that I am in better shape than I thought. 🙂 hehehe

At least the snow is starting to leave the yard

Today I planned for something easy on the comfort scale, but I wanted to do 5.0 or so.

I figured that down-back would have dried up for the most part without rain for a few days and with all the wind that we have been having. I was mostly correct and was able to run around the muddier spots in the dirt road for the most part.

It was really nice to see the sun and although the wind was chilly going out, coming back it was at my back and even though I was much slower the last 2.0 miles, I still felt pretty good. It was interesting seeing what has happened over the winter down on Tiffany and a family was out picking up trash with their children. The mom wished me a happy Earth Day, before I could say it to her.

Then I came on 3 riders and their horses, they were just going slowly, so I passed them. I’ve know one of them for several years and she asked where my running partner was. I just said we are both getting older now and he doesn’t run so good with me anymore. I ran backwards for a bit, while we talked.

Yeah, today wasn’t about anything other than getting out the door, getting the miles in and running down to Notta Road. I am tired from yesterday’s race and the little bit of yard work that I did in the afternoon. Overall, a very nice recovery run.