The Little Things – Week In Review 4-22-18

Sometimes a busy week is a good week, let’s see actually running in a 5K race, watching Boston, getting in the most miles in a week this year, getting some new to me racing shoes, starting to get stuff started outside and wearing shorts while running most of the time made for the first real week of spring, even though the temps were still below average and the winds above.

My favorite photo from the week:

To those of you who ran Boston on Monday, you have my utmost respect and I still wish that I had been there with you out in the elements running that race. It would have meant that I accomplished something that I started wanting back in 1969.

Now it is time to do more than think or dream about Boston. If the body can get through my usual April or May wipeout, I do see me starting to train to finish one of those damn things called a marathon as a first step towards getting there. Not training for a BQ or anything else this year, just a marathon finish. It is an idea that needs to have resolution and this is the best year to get started on the journey to finish what I started dreaming of so long ago.

My 5K race went better than I expected, no issues with pre-race crap, no injuries during the race and my time was closer to the top of my predicted range than I expected.

Maybe I am in better shape than I thought and looking back at old 5K race results, I am right in the same range I have been over the past 5 years for this time of year. However, I am not going to let myself get caught up with wanting to be a part of the weekly racing scene and want to keep my self-expectation in the healthy range and not get caught up in the idea that I can be more than I am. A decent local age grouper, but nothing special.

Although I would like to add a little more structure to my running. Not much mind you, but enough that I don’t get to increasing mileage or hard days too much too soon. So I have found a training plan that I will mostly follow for a month or two and see how it goes.

I have also enjoyed using Blogo for my blog writer, it is more distraction free than others I have used, but it has enough features to be useful, although not so many that it overwhelms the writing process and makes it more about the tool you are using and less about the words and ideas you wish to share. So far so good.

Also, I found the Opus One calendar/todo app, which I used when I had my Mac. It is very closely aligned with the Franklin Covey or DayTimer pen and paper calendar notebooks that I used for many years very successfully. While the pro version does sync between Apple devices and the calendar app, I think I will just keep the free version for a while. It does everything that I need and I am on my iPad more than my phone, I really don’t need the Opus One calendar app/interface on my iPhone.


I had the best week mileage wise of 2018 at 37.75 miles, I could have done more, but I purposely didn’t run extra just to get to 40 miles. I had a nice 10 miler and while my right hip continues to complain, it doesn’t get too balky, just a little whiney. I know that it does have something to do with my left leg being longer than the right, but that is pretty minor compared to how it has been in the past.


I also have cut back on how much elliptical time/mileage as I increase the running miles. I really don’t want to do much more than 60-70 combined miles per week. I find that when I do more than that, I am too tired and with us starting to do a lot more outside stuff, that will become more of something to watch closely.

Running Shoes

I had an actual running shoe rotation this week:

  • Skechers GoRun Forza 3
  • Newton Gravity 3
  • Newton Boco Sol
  • Brooks Green Silence

Brooks Green Silence — As I have said before I accidentally came across a pair of Brooks Green Silence on eBay and had 33 seconds left on the auction to decide whether to bid or not. I did and boy am I glad.

I have had 1 run and 1 race day in them and they have done everything I have asked of them. The best part was during the race, I didn’t think about my feet and just ran. I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t want to do much more than a 10K or so due to where my toes are, but everything else is right where I like it.

They look like they have about 100 miles on them, so I am not expecting them to last all that long and will be saving them for racing and track sessions. Needless to say I very impressed with them so far. I have a feeling that if I get a chance to get another pair of 8.0 or 8.5, I will.

Also I notice that after running in them my left achilles doesn’t bother as much the next day when I first wake up, so maybe the higher drop helps that too.

Skechers GoRun Forza 3 — This is a running shoe that I want to like, but it seems to have some kind of an issue with how they fit my feet. I can’t really describe it other than the bottoms don’t feel quite right during a run and after running them the tops of my feet under the laces hurt.

I did notice that the eyelets are very close together today when I finished my 5.0 miler in them (which is not how they were when I first started to run in them), that is in my experience a sign that the fit is not quite right, so I have put in a thicker insole from an old pair of Hoka’s to see if that changes the fit just enough to make them comfortable for me. We will see, because I do run well in them, but they are not disappearing on my feet like the GRR7’s did, especially on my long runs. Which is what I got them for.

Newton Gravity 3’s — Are still a great go faster shoe and I do well up to about 4-5 miles then I have to deal with foot discomfort, so they are a shoe that I am limited with how far I can run in comfortably.

Newton Boco Sol — I love the Boco Sols for everything…but running. They just feel too stiff for me and while they will be fine as trail shoes, they are not something I look forward to running in, I guess that is why they have so few running miles on them, even though I got them back in early February.

Overall, it was a very good week and getting to that race in Unity was a big deal for me, especially since I didn’t get all wound up about it. Sometimes it is the little things that make for a good week and that is what I think made this week so good – all the little things that came together.

I just gotta remember that I am not something that I am not. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Little Things – Week In Review 4-22-18

  1. Woohoo! Nice newish kicks, Harold. I would have been hesitant to buy shoes off someone else… what made you think you’d want them? And the race looks like a success and looks like you’re slowly getting into a good position to launch a marathon effort, from.

    1. Thanks, it was a gut feeling that I needed these shoes and I just went with it. I have bought shoes that I really like on eBay before and am careful about what I get, then I spray disinfectant into them and let them sit for a day before I put them on. Has worked well for me for the most part. I just have to get my head back to the idea that I do not have to BQ in my next marathon and just need to finish, to get me past that I gotta do it this fast idea which seems to land me in wonderful injury land. I will get there 🙂

      1. I seem to like injury land a lot too, lately. Good tip about the disinfectant spray. You can probably do it if you reduce the interval work… I think that causes some of the problems for me. But maybe ask other, smarter people what they do, too 🙂

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