First Real Day of Spring – RunLog 4-23-18

The routine was a little different this morning, I had to take Dad up to Bangor for an appointment this afternoon, so instead of the long morning walk with Bennie and then running, Mary offered to do it alone and told me to go for my run…otherwise I probably wouldn’t get it in. Thanks to such an understanding wife :-).

I ran down back and while a few places are still wet, it is now runnable, which is a good thing. It gives me a few more options to get in my runs – always a good thing. However, this morning the first couple of miles just didn’t feel comfortable, I was going by effort (not looking at my watch) and when I looked at the splits after I finished I saw they were down in the 8:30 pace range – about 30 seconds per mile faster than I wanted and I attributed it to the wind being in my face hehehe.

Of course coming back on this course, I slowed down quite a bit coming back up the two hills on Blake and Philbrick. I maintained a consistent effort, but hills and I have a love hate relationship at this point in my running career. I can run them well if I have to during a race, but I hate to train on them. So guess what I am going to do more hill repeats over the coming months – Sucker for punishment aren’t I!!!

Once I got back on the tar I did pick up the pace a little, without going overboard on the effort. However, I did meet Bennie and Mary coming back down the road and I wanted to see how a short little run with Bennie would be.

He loved the idea and showed off by never letting go of the leash. Like he was running me, not the other way around. Just this less than half a mile jaunt with Bennie, showed me why I stopped running with him. In that short time, with him pulling the leash to the right my right him started to bother even more than usual and would have gone to a full-blown – this sucks pretty quickly if we had gone too much further.

So I got my definititive answer on whether running with Bennie was something that bothered my hip or not – it does. Which means that I will not be doing any longer running with Bennie. That sucks, because he enjoys it so much, but IF I want to keep running as pain-free and injury-free as possible, running with him is not an option for me.

At least I found out and will not be wondering if I made the correct choice when I stopped running with him.