A Bit Battered, But 10 In the Books – RunLog 4-24-18

Tuesdays are my long run days and when I get to bitch because the weather is just too damn nice…well then I just can’t bitch can I? Hehehehe

The short summary is that I had a great run through 7.0 miles, when the heat got me a little the rest of the way and then I auditioned for America’s Funniest Videos as I attempted to start my kick turning into the home stretch at Thomas College. No serious damage, just some road rash and soreness from old body meeting hard asphalt. One of those where you look around to see how many people were clapping at your ability to look absolutely stoopid – although I will live to run again of that I am sure. ;-). Just the ego may have been permanently damaged (not really).

Yeah, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, 57* bright sunshine and a 6 mph breeze out of the South, which meant that it was my first run of 2018 that I got to run in shorts and a t-shirt — nice!!! Mary suggested that I run to Waterville to take advantage of the tailwind versus the headwind going to Augusta would have entailed. Great suggestion and since she is a lot smarter than I am, I took it.

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