A Bit Battered, But 10 In the Books – RunLog 4-24-18

Tuesdays are my long run days and when I get to bitch because the weather is just too damn nice…well then I just can’t bitch can I? Hehehehe

The short summary is that I had a great run through 7.0 miles, when the heat got me a little the rest of the way and then I auditioned for America’s Funniest Videos as I attempted to start my kick turning into the home stretch at Thomas College. No serious damage, just some road rash and soreness from old body meeting hard asphalt. One of those where you look around to see how many people were clapping at your ability to look absolutely stoopid – although I will live to run again of that I am sure. ;-). Just the ego may have been permanently damaged (not really).

Yeah, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, 57* bright sunshine and a 6 mph breeze out of the South, which meant that it was my first run of 2018 that I got to run in shorts and a t-shirt — nice!!! Mary suggested that I run to Waterville to take advantage of the tailwind versus the headwind going to Augusta would have entailed. Great suggestion and since she is a lot smarter than I am, I took it.

I really wasn’t sure how this was going to go, I knew that the temps were going to get warmer and I would be out there for about an hour and half at least. I also didn’t feel like bringing water today – that was a mistake, but I survived.

Surprisingly, the first 3.0 miles went by very consistently and when I got to the snowmobile trail on Tiffany, I had to disappear into the woods for a pitstop – gotta hate it when that happens, but it is better there than in more populated sections of the run. 🙂

Going down Goodhue, without pushing too hard, I was able to go a little faster than I expected and actually kept a really good pace through 7.0 miles. However, once I went across the I95 bridge the wheels started to come off a little. Running on the dirt road just seemed to take a little extra out of me, between the sun, the wind at my back and weaving around potholes was a little extra.

During this part of the run my toe socks were starting to bother a little and when I got back on the tar road at 8.3 miles I sat down took my shoe off and adjusted the sock. Somehow over the course of the run the toe sleeve for my right little toe got twisted just enough around it that it was tightening a little more than was comfortable. Once, I adjusted that the right foot felt pretty decent again and I didn’t think about it too much the rest of the run – a very good thing.

At that point the heat was starting to get me a little more and by then I wished that I had brought water, but with just over 2.0 miles left, I just had to finish. Although the temps felt pretty close to 70*F, quite a change from the low 40’s of yesterday’s run.

However, just as I was turning to finish at Thomas College, I decided it was a great time to audition for America’s Funniest Videos. I wanted to see if I had any kick left in the old body and as I started to turn for the home stretch, my right foot caught a paving stone on the side slightly and my left foot was starting to push off in the loose salt/gravel mixture on the side of the road. It was just enough to cause the left foot to slide out from under me.

Let’s check the damage. Face okay, palms of both hands bloody, right elbow bloody, right knee bloody, luckily nothing else bothered. Okay, I am alive, just a little battered, let’s see how the last couple hundred yards down to the finish go. Not too bad.

Although by the time I finished I had blood dripping down to my hand from the elbow scrape, the knee looked like something had chewed on it and the blood was soaking down to the ankle and my hands looked like I tried catch some birdshot. So Mary in her infinite wisdom – told me I fell. No kidding and yes, I am fine, it looks a lot worse than it feels.

I cleaned up the carnage a bit, got in Clifford and we trundled around Waterville. I don’t think that there is any lasting damage, just nasty road rash and the right elbow is a bit sore. I will live, although it might mean a day off tomorrow, if things are bit too stiff.

Overall a really good 10 mile run, I just wish that I had not done that audition at the end.

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