Welcome Back the GRR7’s – RunLog 4/26/18

And then the rains came, it was just a bit wet out there this morning. However, it is a sign of Spring and it is not the white evil stuff, that also brings cold and an over abundance of clothes. However, the rains were enough that Bennie was not interested in walking outside any longer than he had to and I decided that the treadmill would be a bit kinder than the driving rain.

Plus I really did want to see if the changes that I made to the GoRun Ride 7’s had made enough of a difference that I would be able to run in them again, without worrying about whether they would blister my left heel and right outer ankle or not.

So I got on the treadmill at Planet Fitness and started out at 7.1 mph, I increased it a bit every couple of miles and had a really strong kick at the end. So the run was my typical treadmill run, get warmed-up, run, think about stopping at 3.0 miles, play tricks on myself to get through 5.0 and with only a mile left, start increasing the pace to under 8.00’s by the time I get to 5.75. Then go for a good kick at the end.

Yeah, a pretty typical treadmill run.

How did the GRR7’s do?

Drumroll please….


The heels felt locked in the entire run and the right ankle was not rubbing against the ankle well as a distraction. I don’t believe that the wear in the heel cup is going to be a big deal, now that everything is locked down. They didn’t bother at all during the run and had that cushioned ride/feel that I really love, but when I wanted to step up the pace a bit, the shoe firmed up nicely.

Welcome the GRR7’s back as my primary longer run/recovery shoes and yes, I am ecstatic about it.

It is amazing how such a small thing like changing the laces does for the runnability of a pair of shoes — at least in this instance it was very significant.

The true test will be next Tuesday when I go out and do a double-digit run and see how things feel then, but now I am excited about the possibilities again.

Good treadmill run and even better news about the GRR7’s.

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