Still Learning More – Week in Review 4/29/18

Yeah, I got rid of some more old running shoes, found out the Forza 3’s are not the answer, loving being back in the GRR7’s – although they are going to blister my left heel sooner than later, had my first ice cream in a couple of months and while thing were relatively quiet, it seemed like I never got caught up all week.

Favorite Photo this week:

Down-back is runnable again – yeah, yippee and all that other falderal.

Yeah, the Forza 3’s didn’t work for me as my long/recovery run shoes and have turned into my primary walking shoes, so it is not a complete waste. However, when I tried the Hoka Bondi 5’s and Newton Gravity 5’s from the back of the garage neither one cut the mustard and have gone to running shoe heaven, err GoodWill.

I am now running in my Skechers GoRun Ride 7’s, which unfortunately are closer to being gone than being part of the rotation. The wear spot on my left heel is getting worse and during my last run that area on my heel was VERY red and more than a bit sore, so I have been looking for a replacement shoe sooner than later.

After a bunch of looking around, I think I have found the running shoe that might check off the boxes on what I expect from a running shoe:

  • Cushioned ride
  • Multi-surface outsole
  • Wider forefoot/toebox
  • Light-weight
  • Cheap

Yeah, the last one got rid of a couple of shoes right away and we will see how it goes next week when they come in.

Other than that the week started out pretty good mileage wise and I ended up with over 30 miles, while running only 5 days – yeah two days off from running!!!

There was a 15 day run streak that I stopped on Wednesday, because I felt too beat up after my 10 miler on Tuesday. I also decided that I wanted to take a complete week off from doing double workouts and did zero miles on the elliptical.

That doesn’t mean that Bennie, Mary and I (or some combo) didn’t do more walking – we did, it just meant that I didn’t get on the elliptical this week. I did notice that I was a little fresher for my runs without the extra elliptical mileage, so that part was good to know.

The old body is holding up pretty well to the mileage and at some point I will get up to 40 miles a week, but I am not rushing it. Better weather is on its way, which means that I will get outside more to get my runs in.


I figured out the Blogo just is not for me and I went back to the WordPress editor, which works good enough and sometimes that is good enough.

The reality is that

This was just one of those weeks where I ran well, figured out that a pair of running shoes were not going to work for me, got rid of a couple more pair that needed to go away and just made a few choices that will allow me to do somethings that I want to do this summer – will be more on that later.

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