I Can Dream – Yeah It’s About Running Shoes

Of all the things that I can dream about, on this blog I try to keep things more or less focused on running, with a little technology thrown in once in a while. However, the true focus for me seems to come down to finding that mythological great running shoe for me.

I am not an industry insider, I am one of those damn consumers who usually pays for my running shoes – unless I get lucky once in a while.

Let’s be honest, my perfect pair of running shoes is not the same running shoe that is perfect for you, it is not the running shoe that I might have worn when I was a spry youngster and sure as hell ain’t the same shoes that Kipchoge, Linden or other professional runners would love.

My Unicorn shoe is all about the needs of a 60 year old guy, who has been running pretty regularly since the Fall of 1971, still thinks he has something left in the tank to surprise some of the youngsters and wants to run for many more years. Continue reading “I Can Dream – Yeah It’s About Running Shoes”