The good news is that I didn’t fall and have large areas of road rash at the end of my long run today and the even better news was that I wore a new pair of running shoes on said long run and didn’t suffer any blisters.

Things you see when out running. Looking towards Waterville from the sort of new Winslow/Waterville bridge.

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April – A Month of Change

Yeah, April is always a month where things seem to change in my running. The weather eventually gets back to shorts and t-shirts, the snow slowly melts away and I get ready for the rest of the running year.

My favorite photo from the month:

Mary out for a run on a rainy, miserable day.

I made it through the month relatively healthy, even with that nasty tumble I took at the end of last week’s long run. I added a few more scars to the old body and dinged up the right elbow enough that it still bothers more than it should. However, like most things, this feeling will pass and I will heal up eventually or it will be added to the laundry list of things that take longer in the morning to stop hurting and start working.

So let’s review those 10 things I wanted to keep track of in 2018.

1. Run Better

Running-wise I finished up with 145 miles and change for April. It is the best month’s total that I have had since January 2017 when I managed to accumulate 146 miles.

There was a 15 day run streak thrown in there for good measure. Overall not too shabby a month if I say so myself.

Since I am starting to increase my running mileage, I did an experiment last week and didn’t do any time on the elliptical. I wanted to see how much it takes out of me for the next day’s run. It doesn’t take as much out of me as I thought, so I will keep using the elliptical fairly regularly.

I am enjoying my Planet Fitness gym being in Waterville primarily due to the numerous routes I have open to me for running. While I haven’t lifted weights or done my pre or post run routines nearly as much, since I am enjoying running outside that much more (I just want to get my arse out the door) and typically run further than I would on most runs.

So the running is going quite well.

2. Simplify my Running Shoe Choices.

The Skechers GoRun Ride 7’s are a great shoe for me, after putting more than 150 miles on them they are doing everything I ask of them. Unfortunately, I have worn a hole through the left heel cup liner and the right ankle well, which are starting to bother those areas (turning them red and sore – almost a blister, but not quite). Which means they are on the way out of the rotation, probably sooner than later.

To replace the GRR7’s, I did get a pair of Skechers GoRun Forza 3’s and while I ran successfully in them for the most part, due to their firmness and some other things, I have turned them into my primary walking shoes. They just are not comfortable enough to be my primary long/easy run running shoes.

After doing a bunch of research, the was between the ASICS Cumulus 20 or Saucony Zealot 3’s. It ultimately came down to the price point and since I was able to find a sale on the Zealots that was almost half the cost of the Cumulus 20’s and got Zealots. I got them in today and will be running in them tomorrow. Hopefully, they work out for me.

On a whim, I had looked at a pair of Brooks Green Silence racing shoes on eBay and when I got there I had 33 seconds left on the auction to decide whether or not to buy them. I did and used them for the Unity College 5K. I like them.

My current rotation is:

  • Skechers GoRun Ride 7 – outside running, long runs, most anything else kind of running shoes
  • Brooks Green Silence – racing, speed workouts
  • Newton Gravity 3 – treadmill, tempo runs
  • Skechers GOMeb Speed – faster runs, treadmill
  • Newton Boco Sol – trails, nasty weather days, hiking shoes
  • Skechers GoRun Forza 3 – Walking shoes

3. No running with Bennie.

We walk 4-5 miles most days together, I did one run with Bennie for about 1/2 mile. This run really made me realize just how much running with Bennie kept me injured. Just with that one short run my right hip was hurting and my lower back started to bother. It definitely validated my choice to stop running with him.

4. Get rid of “stuff”.

More stuff continues to go away.

My Bondi 5’s and Gravity 5’s have both gone away, neither were working for me. Also I got out all of my old race t-shirts or other commemorative t-shirts and have started wearing them again. There is no sense in keeping them in a plastic bag stored away in the back of the garage any longer. Use them and then once they are worn out, get rid of them.

5. Race More Often

The weather started to cooperate and I decided to go Unity and run in their annual 5K. I finished 14th and 1st in my age group. My 22:22 time was not my fastest time, but it is pretty much in line with other 5K races I have run in April, so I am heartened about how this year can go.

6. Get Back to Running Trails

No trail running – soon though.

7. Weigh Under 150 Pounds

I am still not really attempting to lose weight too hard, I still was eating pretty much whatever I want during April. Although I did manage to avoid ice cream most of the month.

8. Eat Less Processed Foods

I am doing okay, since Mary prepares a lot of homemade meals, breads and stuff. My problem is that I still like chips and boxed breakfast cereal too much.

9a. Technology Use

I tried out the Blogo blogging app and it just didn’t work the way that I wanted, so I deleted it. Other than that, I continued to use my iPad Pro and iPhone 7.

10. Be more willing to take the road less travelled

I am still enjoying life and taking care of myself – in today’s world it seems like that is taking the road less travelled.

The reality is that

April was a busy month where I ran better than I thought I would, especially with the crazy weather at the start of the month, but like they say Spring has sprung and it is the new beginning. I am starting to get my running shoe rotation under control again and am encouraged about the direction I seem to be heading. Now I just have to get my eating a little more under control and maybe get serious about loosing that last 10 pounds I am going to get rid of this year.

April was a good month.