The good news is that I didn’t fall and have large areas of road rash at the end of my long run today and the even better news was that I wore a new pair of running shoes on said long run and didn’t suffer any blisters.

Things you see when out running. Looking towards Waterville from the sort of new Winslow/Waterville bridge.

Yeah, I got in a new pair of running shoes last night, walked a mile in them this morning and did a Harold being Harold thing by wearing them on my 10 mile run, just to see how they would do.

Usually this ends up badly, but today it just seemed like the right thing to do, although around 8.0 miles into the run, I could tell that it would have been a LOT nicer to have broken in the insole a little more before doing a long run in them based on how the bottom of my feet were feeling.

Getting back to the run.

I started out slower than usual on purpose and then didn’t attempt to pickup the pace. Today was all about getting used to my new shoes, because they do run a little differently than my Skechers did.

As you can see from the splits

I was fairly consistent and I did pickup the pace over in Winslow, so that I could make a quick pit stop at Dunkin Donuts. After that I sort of bonked and at about 8.0 miles the bottom of my feet started to bother – a pretty normal thing for me in new shoes before they break in to my weird feet. Actually it usually starts a lot sooner than they did today, so I was impressed. If this is still happening after 30-50 miles I would be a lot more worried about how the shoes are working out for me.

The run itself was one of those ones where you decide the route as you go and at the last minute I decided to do the Winslow Loop and had thought about adding in Colby Loop too to get over 13.0, but when the bottom of the feet started to bother and it warmed up a little, I decided to get 10.0 miles and be happy.

What shoes were they?

Saucony Zealot 3’s, I will have an initial impressions post on them in a couple of days, but for a first run to do 10 miles in them and after stopping feeling really good, is usually a pretty good sign.

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  1. I *thought* that was you on the bridge. I didn’t honk or wave, ’cause I know how much that annoys me when I’m running, but -“hi”.

    1. Hehehe – that doesn’t bother me, if I even notice. I am usually fairly well focused on moving forward that I don’t notice until the person who acknowledges me is long gone. 🙂

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