July in May – RunLog 5/2/18

No, please do not get me wrong, I am not whining, bitching, pissing or moaning about the temps almost hitting 90*F this afternoon. I think it topped out at 88*F. This was pretty much no acclimation possible and will not last, so July in May was a harbinger of things to come – in July ;-).

Luckily I got my run in while the temps were still in the low 70’s, that was hard enough. The first two miles were really pretty good, but the lack of heat acclimation did catch up to me and I slowed down to enjoy the heat.

I am liking the fit and feel of the Zealot 3’s, although the bottom of my feet don’t seem to like what is going on right now, I am going to try a couple of different insole that I have used before, to see which ones work better with my feet and the Zealots. I will probably then go back to the stock ones when I get things broken in a bit more.

Also I got looking over my GRR7’s, because after Monday’s 5.0 miler in them my left heel bothered and still was a little sore before I ran this morning. When I got to looking at them closely I had worn through to the plastic heel cup. Not good at all, when this happens, it is time for the shoes to go away, so they are in the back of the garage awaiting their fate. Not the fate I expected quite so soon for them, but it is what it is.

Not a great run by any stretch, but the legs felt really good considering I had run 10 yesterday and once I get the bottom of my feet broken in to the shoes, oops the shoes broken in to my feet, I have a feeling they are going to be pretty good shoes for me.

One thought on “July in May – RunLog 5/2/18

  1. Yeah, just like unexpected cold, when it is too warm, too fast your body doesn’t know what to do! In a way it is good for these days that I run early so I don’t worry about overheating!

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