A Good 5.0 Miles in Zealot 3’s – RunLog 5/4/18

Finally, the run that I have wanted in my new Saucony Zealot 3’s!!!

No, I didn’t set any world land speed records today, although I did have my best time on the Middle Road Loop for 2018 and the big thing was that the bottom of my forefeet didn’t feel like they were on fire at any point during the run.

Both very good things.

For the first time I ran comfortably in the Zealot 3’s.

I did make a couple of changes to the Zealot’s after yesterday’s run and reading more about metatarsalgia. First I put in a lot thinner insole, which gave me more room in the toe box and second I put in a different pair of laces that were not as long or as stretchy as the stock laces.

When I laced up the Zealot’s I also didn’t crank down the laces to make the shoes super snug, I simply kept the lace loops as far apart as possible and then loosely put the laces in. I also used the last lace hole on the left foot and second to last lace hole on the right to see which works best.

These small changes don’t seem to be all that major, but they were just enough to make the Zealot’s much more comfortable.

Let’s get back to the run.

I wanted to do my regular Friday Middle Road Loop today and to see if the changes I had done to the Zealot’s had made a difference. However, while it was a bit muggy, it wasn’t horrible, but I also knew that I didn’t need to go out and hammer the course today with a race probably on Sunday and testing out the changes I had done.

So I started out pretty easy and going down Philbrick Hill I was glad that I wasn’t going hard when traffic got a little crazy. I made it past that fun section without loosing life or limb and didn’t even have a single horn tooting at me.

After that bit of fun, I did speed up a little.

However, with the mugginess, that did not last too long, but I maintained a pretty steady pace through 3.0 miles. Once I got to the Town Office, those last three hills took their toll.

By the time I got to Stevens Hill, the legs and my focus were pretty much gone. Although my feet still felt really good, even though I was hyper-aware of any little niggle, tightness or even how my socks felt.

I will be changing the lacing to the last hole on my right foot as well. It felt just a bit more secure on the heel cup.

Yes, while the time was the best time on this course in 2018, it was nothing spectacular, but for a run where I was not attempting to run fast, I was happy with the results. The most important thing about my run today was that the Zealot 3’s did not bother either of my feet and the smallish changes that I made yesterday seemed to have made a huge difference in how they felt during the run.

Good run.

Also a bit of throw-back with my wearing a race t-shirt from 2012.

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