Winds of Change – RunLog 5-5-18

Winds of change, at least that is the hope since last night we have had strong winds and this morning’s run was much more interesting with the 20-30 mph gusts errr sustained breeze.

I am still having to “play” with the snugness on the Zealot 3’s, when I started out I didn’t get them quite tight enough and had to stop a couple of times to make them a little more snug feeling. With the ISO fit there is a just right feeling with the Zealot’s that I have found, but finding it consistently every time I run in them has been elusive.

Today’s run was a pretty simple and easy one, where I ran comfortably for 3.0 miles and picked up the pace a little the last mile. I wanted to see how the Zelot’s did when going faster and while they would not be the shoes I would normally wear for a road 5K, they did well enough that I will probably wear them for the groomed trail 5K at UMA tomorrow.

Yeah, the race at UMA is tomorrow and I am looking forward to going. I figured with how the hills and bumps are there that I will be happy with something in the 24:00 to 25:00 range. I basically know the terrain, just not the exact course and have never run fast in there and while I will give a hard effort, the hills in there have gotten me in the past.

Today’s run was simply a mileage eater and let me figure out the Zealots a bit more.

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