Skechers GoRun Ride 7 – End of the Line Review

Probably my favorite running shoe in a long, long time. I was able to run any distance that I run, they were comfortable and believe it or not I ran almost as fast in them as I did my “fast” shoes.

Despite all the great things that I loved about them, unfortunately the Skechers GoRun Ride 7 only lasted just over 160 miles for me. It was not the outsole, midsole breaking down, a flaw in the shoe itself or anything like that.

Instead it was an old enemy that has plagued me with more than a few other running shoes – my left heel wore through the padding on the heel cup to the plastic. Based on my past experiences with this same issue, it will eventually either cause a blister in that area on my heel or the plastic will cause a sore spot that is very distracting.

So they will go away.

Also the right outside ankle well has worn through to the foam, which is just cosmetic, but still it is pretty low mileage for that to happen to my shoes and tells me that the side wall is a bit too high for my foot.

Damn I loved those shoes too, which means I get to whine and swear a bit a lot, especially since I ran so well in the GRR7’s and they were part of the solution for me being able to run several double-digit long runs over the past month or so.

So this really sucks.

Other than the wear in the heel/ankle area the Ride 7’s are in great shape, except for a little bit of Maine mud and dirt and normal outsole wear. I have no doubt that I could get at 300-400 miles out of the shoes if not for the wear areas.

Although I do have a hypothesis about why the heel cup wore through so quickly and if I am correct, it is at least partly my own fault. I put LockLaces in them from day one and I tend to like my shoes looser, so I didn’t lace them all the way to the last lace. Plus with those kind of laces, I just pull them off and on without taking time to loosen the laces at all.

The next time I get a pair of GoRun Ride 7’s, I will leave regular tie laces in the shoes and save the LockLaces for after I retire them, with hopefully at double or triple the mileage that this pair had.

I can see another pair of GoRun Ride 7’s coming in sometime around Father’s Day.

They are unlike some other shoes I have now – no fuss, no muss, just put them on and go running.

I miss that.

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