Running and Mowing the Yard – RunLog 5-7-18

Today is the first mowing of the yard in 2018.

I must say it is a LOT nicer mowing the lawn in 65*F sunshine, than it is snowblowing the yard when the snow is blowing and the wind chills are closer to the negative numbers. So today I won’t complain at all about it, next time maybe and by the end of the summer I will be damned tired of mowing – until I look at this photo again.

That white shite can stay away for a long time as far as I am concerned.

Yeah, I did run this morning. Just an effort-based 4.0 miler in shorts and t-shirt, no big pushes or stuff like that. After yesterday’s trail race, I did have some extra soreness in the left ankle and Achilles, so I babied them more than a little.

While I was running, one of the neighbors (well he lives about a mile and half away, but I call him a neighbor) was out mowing and flagged me down. He wanted to talk about a white truck that has been going through down-back about 60 mph or so and wanted to warn me to be aware of that, plus he is gonna talk with the boy’s dad – to let him know what the boy is doing.

I thanked him for the warning, he knows I am down there a lot with Bennie and we keep an eye on things for him when we are. We gossiped a bit, talked about his wood lot, fiddle heads, who has permission to wander around on his land down-back and stuff like that.

We talked for almost 10 minutes, my sweat was drying up, the wind was just enough to be chilly (goosebumps) in shorts/t-shirt and just standing there. I was starting to stiffen up, so I told him I had to get back to running.

He was sitting on a garden tractor, with a heavy flannel shirt, jeans and smoking a cigarette, so he wasn’t cold. After he looked at me again, he chuckled and said better me than him and started up his lawn tractor.

I gotta admit, it was tough getting going again and I had sort of lost interest in the run at that point. I was enjoying our conversation. However, I got going and made it through to the end of four miles, although I had thought about adding 1.0 more mile before I stopped and talked. After that, 4.0 miles was plenty.

Sometimes, you just gotta make time for the neighbors, even when it interrupts a perfectly good recovery run :-).