Running and Mowing the Yard – RunLog 5-7-18

Today is the first mowing of the yard in 2018.

I must say it is a LOT nicer mowing the lawn in 65*F sunshine, than it is snowblowing the yard when the snow is blowing and the wind chills are closer to the negative numbers. So today I won’t complain at all about it, next time maybe and by the end of the summer I will be damned tired of mowing – until I look at this photo again.

That white shite can stay away for a long time as far as I am concerned.

Yeah, I did run this morning. Just an effort-based 4.0 miler in shorts and t-shirt, no big pushes or stuff like that. After yesterday’s trail race, I did have some extra soreness in the left ankle and Achilles, so I babied them more than a little.

While I was running, one of the neighbors (well he lives about a mile and half away, but I call him a neighbor) was out mowing and flagged me down. He wanted to talk about a white truck that has been going through down-back about 60 mph or so and wanted to warn me to be aware of that, plus he is gonna talk with the boy’s dad – to let him know what the boy is doing.

I thanked him for the warning, he knows I am down there a lot with Bennie and we keep an eye on things for him when we are. We gossiped a bit, talked about his wood lot, fiddle heads, who has permission to wander around on his land down-back and stuff like that.

We talked for almost 10 minutes, my sweat was drying up, the wind was just enough to be chilly (goosebumps) in shorts/t-shirt and just standing there. I was starting to stiffen up, so I told him I had to get back to running.

He was sitting on a garden tractor, with a heavy flannel shirt, jeans and smoking a cigarette, so he wasn’t cold. After he looked at me again, he chuckled and said better me than him and started up his lawn tractor.

I gotta admit, it was tough getting going again and I had sort of lost interest in the run at that point. I was enjoying our conversation. However, I got going and made it through to the end of four miles, although I had thought about adding 1.0 more mile before I stopped and talked. After that, 4.0 miles was plenty.

Sometimes, you just gotta make time for the neighbors, even when it interrupts a perfectly good recovery run :-).

2 thoughts on “Running and Mowing the Yard – RunLog 5-7-18

  1. the size of your yard is clearer when it’s cleared of snow! Lawn mowing or snow blowing is a lot of work for you! Geez. But looks very nice 🙂
    also, know what you mean about being stopped on the run… but in the end, the neighborly interactions are probably important too!

    1. Yeah, they forget you are in the middle of doing something and want to gab, which when I am walking with Bennie is not a issue, but when I am running, shorts and t-shirts are still not quite the warmest thing hehehe 🙂

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